Saturday, 6 June 2015

Hospital - Again!

Mark went out this morning to have a mooch around the car show rooms just for something to do. He'd only been gone 15 minutes when Tom rang. He said he was struggling to breathe and had a pain in his back. I rang Mark who turned around, went upstairs to get dressed, walked up to Tom's to see how he was and phoned an ambulance. 

They were there within 10 minutes and took him to North Manchester where a chest infection and a possible blood clot on the lung was diagnosed. To cut a very long story short he was given blood thinning injections and transferred to Rochdale Hospital where he'll have a scan on Monday. It's all too detailed to go into but the reason for the transfer is to do with boundaries and addresses and possible respite care. 

In other news at Number 38.... It was Mum's birthday and as usual she came down for our Saturday afternoon chinwag. We bought her a book and a plant and we'll take her out to the garden centre for a browse and a coffee in the week. We were supposed to be doing it this afternoon but events overtook us.

The Parklife Festival is in full flow. We can hear the beat of the music even with the windows closed. It must have been warmer when it was held last year as I can remember sitting in the garden late into the evening listening to it.

The jigsaw has been joined together and the bottom half completed. I've just got the sky to do now.

No photos today I'm afraid. I've been too caught up with other things but I'm sure you'll understand. 



  1. yes, totally understand. Life has a habit of getting in the way of blogging sometimes!

    I hope Tom is ok, poor him, and poor you. You must have a feeling of dread every time the phone rings :o( It's a worry, that's for sure.

    Hope you have a lovely Sunday. And belated birthday wishes to your mama xx

  2. Hi Sadie, Tom seems to be OK, we've been to visit him today. You're right about the phone. I usually ignore it because the only people who ring our landline are the sales centres. That is, apart from Tom. So every time it rings now I have to answer it just in case. I love my handbag, just struggling to find somewhere to keep it. And thank you for the birthday wishes - I'll pass them on :) xx

  3. Happy Birthday to your Mum. I'm glad Tom's ok, it must be a worry. I hate the phone ringing when you're on tenterhooks, it's such a shrill noise.

    1. Nobody really rings our house phone so Tom crosses my mind straight away. Mind you, he can be really frustrating at times. He'll ring at 8am in the morning - any early morning calls send us both into a 'brace yourself' stance, only to say, "can you get me 4 muffins on your way back from school". You've gotta love him. xx