Sunday, 21 June 2015

Dirty Stop Ups!

I acquired a new skill this weekend. How to fold a serviette into a stand up fan. There are loads of different ways you can fold a serviette but this is probably the most basic one and it wasn't too difficult to master, even for me. 
The meal was lovely and Thomas did a sterling job of being barman and waiter. For a bit of added 'fancy' we had canapes with our first drink of the night. Devils on horseback, feta cheese, roasted red pepper & olives and smoked salmon pate on little squares of toast.
It was 1am before we eventually hit the sack and I put the late night down to me and Mum working our way through a bottle of gin and yapping non-stop. 

Amy also had a good chinwag with Grandma about what she really wants to do when she leaves school next year and it suddenly all just seemed to click into place for her. She's always wanted to write in some form or other so she's set her sights on a college in Manchester City Centre. She wants to do A levels in English Language, Literature, History and Creative Writing. The Creative Writing is the course she wants to do most of all and Manchester seems to be the only place that offers it at A'level.
Sometimes a little chat to somebody who's not too involved can help you see the way a bit more clearly can't it. 



  1. yes it can. an impartial view can often be the helping hand needed.

    I love that you had a nice meal at home. Bill and I haven't done that for a long time. All I seem to do is never ending 'every day' cooking.

    you'll have to practice more napkin origami!

  2. I'm as fed up of making 'everyday' meals as you sound Sadie. But I love to cook a 'proper' meal. Starter, main, dessert, cheese board. I love all the faffing and frilly of making it look nice. Some of that napkin folding was way beyond my comprehension, even with a step by step guide, but I'm glad I've got a new skill I can pull out of the hat when needed. xx