Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Deja Vu

I've been looking at cordial recipes and have decided to try a mixed berry one and a rhubarb one, possibly with ginger. I love rhubarb but never buy it as nobody else eats it. Plus I like mine very sweet which is a bit of a no-no at the moment diet wise. My Nanna had loads growing at the bottom of her garden and we'd go down and pick it when we were little. Anyway, I've bought the muslin and bottles and all being well I'll be making some tomorrow.
We took Mum out for her 'birthday coffee' today to the garden centre which actually turned into coffee, lunch and cake. We went to the garden centre because she likes to have a look around and although she didn't buy anything we came away with this. The label fell off between buying it and getting it home so I'm not sure what it's called. 
I went to Middleton to pick up Mark's aftershave and me and Mum couldn't stop laughing when the sales assistant appeared with this box that it had been sent in. The bottle won't even be as big as the remote control. Talk about overkill.

The first part of the Egyptian project took place last night. After a lot of discussion Thomas decided that he really wanted to make a pyramid. I did the rolling out and Thomas did the cutting and scoring.
I obviously need to go back to school because for some reason I made 4 sides! Never mind, we've got an extra one just in case. 
The jigsaw is finished. After getting into a flow with the sky the grand finale of joining it together took place, followed by the horrible job of breaking it all up and putting it back in the box because we needed the table. 
Tom's CT scan has shown there are no blood clots on his lungs, but the Doctor rang today and said he felt it would be better if Tom moved from hospital into a home so that he can be looked after properly. With the best will in the world there is only so much time Mark and I can spend with him and his biggest problem seems to be at night when he starts to worry and can't sleep. We didn't think Tom would even hear us out when we spoke to him about it, but we were both completely taken by surprise when he said he didn't want to go back home and agreed it would be for the best.

So, we are now looking at homes for Tom - I can't help feeling there's a sense of deja vu about all this!



  1. must be heart breaking to do a tricky jigsaw then have to break it up again.

    Love that you are making a 4 sided pyramid! ;o)

    Happy bd to Mark.

  2. I know, I don't like breaking it all up but at least I've got a record of doing it on here. I obviously had a brainstorm with the pyramid. It was only when I was trying to fit the 4 pieces together that it dawned on me its a 3 sided shape. I put it down to everything else going on taking up my brain space - well that's my excuse anyway :) xx

  3. Re your cordial. Have you tried Stevia? It's expensive but is a natural low calorie sweetener - although I've seen some mixed halftime halftime with sugar.
    The jigsaw is lovely. Maybe you should start/join a jigsaw swap club! I don't know if these exist mind!!! I think the breaking it up when it's done gives the same satisfaction of cutting into a beautifully decorated cake you've spent hours on!

  4. I've never heard of Stevia but I'll have a look. The amount of sugar I've used for this cordial is quite sickening really so if I make any more I need something more 'healthy'. I could do with a jigsaw club, they're quite expensive to buy, too expensive for me if I'm going to finish them so quickly anyway. The good think about cutting into a cake is that while you're eating it, you can appreciate it a bit longer. xx