Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Birthdays and Breathers

It's Wednesday so that means I jumped on the scales this morning and took my weekly photo for my weight loss page.

There was no Bury today and no Birthday Breakfast for the Birthday Boy:(  Never mind, that's life. A quick trip into Middleton for a few bits, then a visit to Joan, followed by looking around a home for Tom took up most of the morning. Thankfully the home was lovely and hopefully Tom will be settled in by early next week. Another weight off our minds.

Matthew came over and we decided to order Chinese to celebrate Mark's birthday. He brought two presents with him. The Glenfiddich is for Mark and the Moet is a belated birthday present for me. 
After he'd gone and everybody had settled down I shut  myself in the kitchen for half an hour to make my first batch of cordial - 250g of mixed berries, 125g of sugar, 250ml water, juice and rind of one lemon.
It's just got to hang overnight now so that all the juices drain through and tomorrow it can be bottled. I'm not sure I see the point of this. I'm sure straining it through a sieve would have been good enough but I've bought the muslin as the recipe directed and therefore I shall use the muslin!
Me and Mark took ourselves into the garden for a quiet 10 minutes with a cup of tea for me and a glass of vino for him. Sometimes I need to take a breather from everything that's going on and a good cup of tea and a bit of fresh air does wonders to restore me. Wine works best for Mark!
And a spot of tree gazing does it for both of us. 


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