Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Bathroom Time

Check out my painted toenails on my weight loss page!

I spent a good 30 minutes in the card shop today. June is full of family birthdays plus there's Fathers Day as well and there were 12 cards I needed to choose. Tom's cards had to be chosen extra carefully as some of the words were inappropriate considering the circumstances, but I got there eventually. I also bought some modelling clay from The Works for an Egyptian project Thomas has to do for school. I really wanted terracotta but they only had white so we'll have to get the paint out as well.
The daily jigsaw update is that I now have a faceless lady pushing part of a pram and some boys feeding the ducks. According to mum the red bus looks more like a charabanc although she said I would be too young to know what one of those was. 
There's been another man up a ladder at Number 38. We're taking the bull by the horns and have decided to install a new bathroom while Amy is away on holiday in July. Part of the new look will be a smaller window so that we have more wall space. We're also having new windows fitted in Amy and Thomas' rooms. When we split the bedroom for them we were lucky in that they both got a window each but only Amy's side could be opened. Now they'll both get to have some fresh air. Today was the 'let's see what needs doing' part.
Amy is out with friends this evening, so I made the most of her absence and 'booked the bathroom'. I've started working my way through the basket of smellies she bought for my birthday and for my first pamper session I chose a bath bomb, candle and body spray. 
It was all very relaxing.... I'll have to encourage her to go out more often. 



  1. I'm impressed she left them with you. I know my daughter would be desperate to use whatever I have if she thought it looked good, or smelled beautiful.

    The plans sound good!

    1. Yes, these teenage girls with their 'pretty and smelly' things. She's not that bad with toilettries as she buys loads of her own plus I've hidden them under a towel in the airing cupboard. She's not adverse to pinching my face powder though and she doesn't put it back so I have to go looking for it. xx

  2. Thursday night is my bath night! I make sure I use a luxury item from my stash of Xmas/bday/thank you teacher pile of smellies rather than the ordinary everyday stuff.

  3. There's nothing like a good soak is there and lucky you receiving so many goodies from your pupils. I'd like to have a 'bath night' but since Amy and friends have started congregating at ours I can't relax knowing there's a houseful of teenagers. Which is why, when I knew they definitely wouldn't be round last night I made the most of it! xx

  4. The Range sell clay in terracotta. And before I forget, I've noticed when out & about on my travels this week, that the elder flowers are out in full bloom right now. You can't miss them.

    Do you know, I really hate buying cards. I begrudge the overpricedness of them, and I really dislike the syrupy rubbish they write inside. None of it is ever relevant to the people I buy for, so I end up spending ages reading all the claptrap just to try and find the one filled with least lies! And the cost. Grr. I bought all the Father's Day cards I needed to buy this week, to get it out of the way, and cards alone came to over £10. I hate that.

    You do so well with jigsaws, I don't know how you have the patience. Exciting about the bathroom, shall look forward to the Before & After pics!

  5. We're going to Heaton Park this weekend so maybe I'll find some elderflowers there. But I'm not holding out much hope I can't seem to find them anywhere.

    I only go to the Card Factory as I won't pay over the odds for cards either. As much as Mark does for his Dad their relationship can definitely be likened to that of Steptoe and Son so anything over mushy or too wordy has never been picked. "Happy Fathers Day" fits the bill nicely. The problem I had this year was every verse seemed to be about memories which would sound like we're killing him off before his time lol.

    Oh Lord, I don't know if I can post any before pictures of the bathroom! It's a real mess and Mark has done some bodged DIY jobs over the past few months as knowing we were getting a new one we didn't want to throw good money after bad. I'll see if I can pluck up the courage. It'll probably give you all a laugh :) xx