Monday, 1 June 2015

All on my own..

... And enjoying every minute. Amy and Thomas are back at school today. I'm usually sorry to see them go but this time I'm ready to have the house to myself. Not that it's them, I just feel the need for some normality and 'stillness' for a few days.

After doing some housework I sat for an hour doing the jigsaw. I did my favourite bit first - the blossom tree. The bus will be next as the red pieces will be easy to find and while I'm looking for them I'll make a pile of blue and stone colours. This saves me having to keep going through all the pieces every time I want to do a new section.
I've finished reading Jam Busters. I got into it eventually and it was interesting how much the government asked the WI and its members to do during WW2. Accommodating evacuees, growing extra vegetables, collecting scrap, cardboard & paper, knitting, sewing, providing refreshments and entertainment for local servicemen, making toys for children and of course growing and picking fruit for their famous jam making sessions. All this was done on top of running a household and looking after children, quite often with their husbands away at war. We may well be the fairer sex but we're definitely a force to be reckoned with. This is the stack of books I've got to work my way through now. 
It's really cold and windy here and we've had showers on and off all day, but the garden seems to be slowly coming to life although we could do with some sunshine to spur things on. The fuchsia bush doesn't seem to mind the conditions though and the lavender is on its way but I'm a bit jealous of our next door neighbour's azalea. Not that he can take any credit for it mind. It's been doing its own thing for years and was bought by the lovely lady who used to live next door to us who sadly passed away several years ago.
This cake was left over from yesterday, so I did the decent thing and ate it with a cup of tea. I've got 48 hours to work it off before the next weigh in!
The Doctor visited Tom today. A lovely receptionist told Mark he was entitled to home visits as he has a terminal illness. Why can't everybody be forthcoming about things like that? He's been talking about the new cancer treatment that's in the news at the moment so we've told him to ask at the hospice when he goes tomorrow. While everybody should have hope I think sometimes it can also be a cruel thing.



  1. I saw that on the news. I don't know if you've read my Harry posts on my blog - he's my little nephew with cancer. I think they should be cautious when they describe it as 'breakthrough' because so many people will now be thinking its a cure. I think the research they do is amazing and always donate to Cancer charities. X still not got a jigsaw started - back to work now!

  2. 'Breakthrough' should be banned as a word for medical research; how many 'cure for diabetes' reports have there been, only to turn out that a mouse hasn't had a high blood sugar count? And that hopefulness must be worse when it's something like terminal cancer. Hope Tom can temper his hope with realism without falling into a dump.
    And solitude; blissful quietness is something I miss so much now Mr AJ works from home. I have to grab my peace when and how I can.

    1. 'cure' should also be banned from all tabloid headlines as well. Imagine sitting there with terminal cancer and reading 'cure for cancer'. It's nothing short of cruel. I think the problem is Tom's lack of understanding about the whole thing.. He seems to think that if he changes his mind about having treatment all he has to do is ring up and book himself in. It wouldn't surprise me in the least if he's just waiting until he feels really ill to do this.

      Ah yes, peace and quiet. You can't beat it. Even somebody shut away in another room working isn't quite the same as having the house to yourself is it. Maybe a man shed/office is the answer. You could lock Mr AJ in at 9am and let him out at the end of the day :) xx

  3. Hi Rachel. I have read about Harry, what a superstar! And I take my hat off to his parents coping with something like that, it must have such an impact on their lives. Co-incidentally my sis-in-laws best friend's little girl was diagnosed with the same thing at 6 months old. She started school in September :) You're dead right about being cautious. Not only do you have to read between the lines about the treatment but then there's the cost implication. As excited as the researchers must be I really think they should tone it down a little bit. xxx

  4. Your jigsaw is coming on a treat. I often wonder how my female relatives coped during the Depression and WW2. They had very hard lives at the best of times but I like to think I'm one of a line of strong women!

    I was heartened by yesterday's reports of the results of the advanced skin cancer treatment trials. I think any step forward, however small, however tempered, in this huge fight is to be celebrated. No, a miracle cure hasn't been found, yes, there's a long way to go but it's another piece in the jigsaw .

    1. If I may say so Liz, I think you could definitely wear your 'strong woman' hat very proudly. The breakthrough is absolutely fantastic news, if the whole picture is understood. Unfortunately, I just don't think Tom gets there's still a long way to go. All he sees is a headline shouting out 'cancer cure' and I'm sure he thinks he's only one jab or spoon of medicine away from getting rid of it. xxx

  5. I can understand the excitement when a new development arises in the fight against cancer, but yes, it needs to be explained that it's the start of a new possibility. I'm not downplaying that at all, it's fantastic when something new and seemingly working comes along, but it has to be shared with care. Cancer is an evil swine, I just wish they could find a cure and get rid of it.

    I'm home alone too, and loving it. I get so much done when I'm left alone. Yesterday was jogging followed by near non stop poxy housework. Urgh. Today I've had a very long walk to the supermarket. While I was there I bought a strawberry tartlet! Totally your fault! ha ha.
    Are you on Twitter? I keep meaning to ask.

    enjoy your day.

  6. I've just laughed out loud that your bought a strawberry tart. I'm very much enjoying being home alone too. You are putting me to shame with all your exercise. I don't even walk Thomas to the school gate anymore - a little bit more about that on todays post.

    The cancer breakthrough is fantastic and any progress made is definitely to be celebrated as long as the whole picture is understood. As I've just replied to Liz I think that's where Tom falls down.

    No, I'm not on Twitter. I'm not very computer literate and I'm not even sure what it is! xx