Friday, 29 May 2015

Back in one piece

We are back at Number 38 after an enjoyable few days away. The only major incident was on our final night when Mark choked on a piece of sweetcorn. 

I attempted a valiant effort at the Heimlich manoeuvre and 2 coach drivers, who were First Aid trained, were on their feet about to intervene, when the offending sweetcorn managed to dislodge itself. 

Mark says he'd have been most upset to be taken out by something so trivial and has always hoped for a much more dynamic death.  We've laughed about it since but it's pretty horrific watching somebody choke, it seems to go on forever. 

All of this took place in a busy dining room and Amy was mortified by the whole thing. Meanwhile, amidst all the commotion, Tom continued to eat his meal then got up and went to the dessert table to help himself to gateaux!

All in all though it's been a good week and I think Tom has enjoyed it, although it's hard to tell as he has the most expressionless face I've ever seen. The only minor irritation he has caused is when he's been in his wheelchair. He loses all ability to communicate with us or other people and only seems capable of raising his hand to point to what he wants or where he wants to go. Honestly, we're not violent people but after pushing him around for 4 days we've both said, "if he points that bloody finger one more time, we'll chop it off".



  1. You deserve a medal for patience!
    And watching someone choke is horrible; I'm glad it got sorted. I hope you did have a rest as well?

    1. Yes the saying patience is a virtue springs to mind a lot here lately. The biggest rest for me was not cooking or having to think about food. Other than that the holiday was geared mostly around Big Tom and Little Tom, who both seem to like the same things ie. arcades! xx

  2. ah yes, the tribulations of going away with an older family member! Angel is right, you deserve a medal.

    Horrible about the choking, and no, it is not nice to see and it does seem to go on for a long time. Violet choked on some watermelon of all things when she was about 2, I got her on my knee face down and just walloped until an awful gurgle sound happened and all the partially chewed watermelon came up. As I was walloping I was thinking 'when do I call for an ambulance, & will it get here in time'. Horrible, horrible situation, so I can absolutely understand how frightening it must have been for you all.

    Want a comedy story though? My husband almost watch me choke to death whilst asking me 'are you alright'. Clearly not! It was last summer, we were in a pub having lunch, he and Violet were reading The Beano, and just as I took a gulp of my drink Mr Comedy decided it was a good time to say something funny. Liquid came out of my nostrils, went EVERYWHERE, people are looking at me thinking how terrible my manners were, and I was choking. Could not breathe. Bill looks at me, says something totally stupid like 'ooh, your drink has gone everywhere', then starts to realise I'm gasping for breath and asks if I'm ok!!! Could have been dead on the floor of a pub. That was not a nice experience either, and I couldn't wait to get out of there.

    So other than your choking drama ... and the irritation with the pointing finger, sounds like you had a wonderful time!

    Welcome home! xx

  3. That must have been terrifying watching Violet choke, your reactions were good though. I often wonder if I'd just go to pieces if it was the kids even though I've been First aid trained. You're right though it's hard to know when to stop trying to help vs. leaving somebody to call the ambulance - I was just about to ask somebody to ring for one when the sweetcorn moved. It is a strange situation to be in though. I watched Mark for a while asking if he was OK and he was nodding before me and him both realised he wasn't and he started shaking his head.

    I've done the snorting thing as well. We were away with friends for a weekend and in the middle of a packed lounge somebody said something funny and I snorted a drink everywhere. Trouble is you're snorting and laughing at the same time which is a recipe for disaster. Mind you, that was back in the day before children and I think I just brazened it out and carried on drinking! But yes, apart from the sweetcorn and the finger it was a good holiday thank you. :) xx

  4. Oh gosh, sounds like you had your own version of that restaurant scene in Mrs Doubtfire. But at least Tom wasn't snapping his fingers!