Thursday, 7 May 2015

Voting, Revision & Telling the time

I took Tom to the polling station today so he could cast his vote. We vote by post, but Tom is old school and likes to go and vote in person. Our polling station is a community centre which is known locally as 'the wooden hut', for obvious reasons. Amy used to go to youth club here when she was in primary and I helped out every Friday evening for a couple of years. I was in charge of the tuck shop and coming up with a craft project every week.  
Mark had a phone call today to say that Tom has been booked into daycare at the hospice. He gets 6 sessions, after which they'll reassess whether he can continue going or if he's well enough to be 'discharged' in which case he'll go back on the waiting list for the next available slot. Our theory behind the daycare is that if he needs more help as time goes on, they will at least know him and his medical background.

Thomas is struggling with telling the time and it's beginning to worry him. It doesn't take much for things to grow out of proportion in his head and become major issues, so we try to nip any worries in the bud. Anyway, this morning I had a word with the teacher about it and it's nice to know he's not the only one. His problem seems to be where the 'little hand' is when it's making it's way to the next hour if that makes sense and instead of saying twenty to, he says 40 past. 

Amy is in revision mode for GCSE's, specifically science. She's bought a book from school which is really good because it has a question and answer section on each topic which me or Mark go through with her when she's ready. I've found in the past that in order to be able to ask questions you need to know the subject yourself, and if I'm honest, the last thing I want to do is read Amy's text books so I can test her. It's certainly brought peace and harmony to the house and there have been no exaggerated sighs from her ..... or us!

We've been to see Mum who is suffering with a bad back at the moment. She's struggling but has still managed to make soup bless her! I'm on sweet potato, carrot and lentil this week. Yummy! The family news of the day is that my niece is pregnant again. She's a lovely girl, so easy going and happy, and we're thrilled for her. It'll be her second baby and it's due in November, the same month as her first.                         

We've just poured ourselves a glass of wine, put a pizza in the oven and we're going to sit down now for an hour or two and see what's happening on the election front. All I can say is may the best team/s win - as long as it's mine of course!



  1. Thomas has the right logic for tellling the time on a digital clock, he just needs to get the hang of always counting the minutes to the next hour when the minute hand, or big hand, has gone past the six. When we can tell the time we just take it for granted and forget not only how complicated it is but how many different ways there are of saying the same thing. we do say six forty as well as twenty to seven for example! I'm sure he'll soon "get it" as he's so keen to learn.

  2. You're right Vee, there's loads of ways of 'saying' time. Mum was telling me her Mum never said twenty five past, but five and twenty past. The little clock is really handy and we are doing 10 minutes here and there. I think it'll just click with him one day. Then of course the 24 hour clock comes into play! xx