Sunday, 17 May 2015

Tracking down elderflowers

We went to the garden centre for more compost and I also picked up a Hebe for a new planter we bought from Lidl. It's called Rhubarb and Custard. The name brings back memories of that silly dog and cat cartoon in the 1970's.
Mum came with us and treated us to coffee and cakes while we were there, although I was virtuous and only had 1/4 of Mark's scone with jam and cream. Mum was even more saintly and didn't have anything.

I decided to make Amy's favourite apple cake for our Sunday lunch pudding ..... 
....... and got all excited when I cracked an egg and found a double yolk. I've done some baking in my 47 years but I think it's the first time I've ever had a double yolker.
I've had my elderflower lesson from Mum and me and Amy went on a tree hunt this afternoon while walking the dogs. I thought I'd struck lucky but having googled I think this is actually from the Rowan Tree. Never mind, I'll just have to keep looking.
We are missing Poldark terribly of a Sunday Eve here at Number 38, but the pain is somewhat eased by Home Fires which we are thoroughly enjoying.



  1. We haven't replaced Poldark yet. He is sadly missed.

  2. Could Poldark ever be replaced, she says swooning! Have you not tried Home Fires? I love anything WW2, apart from the actual war bit that is. I love how the community spirit is portrayed and think I'd have been pretty good at the make do and mend mentality. And I'd definitely have joined the jam and jerusalem brigade. xx