Friday, 22 May 2015

Time Out

It's that time of year at school where trip money and summer fair contributions are wanted. Amy is going to Blackpool and Thomas is going to a local water sports club to do canoeing, kayaking and raft building. He loves anything water orientated and is really looking forward to it. It's non-uniform today so he's gone in his 'civvies' with his 'fine' of a bar of chocolate. We've already done the bring a bottle day and after the hols it's cakes. Then we get to go to the fair to try to win it all back again!
I've been writing lists of what needs organising and what we need to take with us next week. We'll have to be more 'packing savvy' as we have an extra person and a wheelchair to fit in this time. Amy is also having her own room so I need to remember to double up on the toiletries. We've always had family rooms in the past but she's getting too big to be in with us now. Plus she spends far too much time in the bathroom.
Today I did a quick tidy round, hoovered, made the beds, swished the bathroom, put a load of washing in and did some ironing, all of which probably took an hour. Then I took a bit, (OK a lot) of 'time out' and did nothing apart from my jigsaw, which is probably why I've managed to finish it. I don't feel in the least bit guilty though, I'll have lots to do this weekend, what with all the usual jobs plus getting ready to go away.
I've already put a request in for another one from Mum for my birthday. This time I'm going for 1000 pieces. I just need to check it will fit onto my cutting mat, which is ideal to use as it's easy to slip under the sofa out of the way when we need the table. 



  1. Love the cheeky postcards! And have a good weekend of packing.

    1. I hate packing for holidays in this country. You have to cover every weather option going. Space is limited this time as well so I'm going to have to be extra careful. Good excuse to go shopping if I need something though. xx

  2. you are good with the jigsaw, I have no patience & would have thrown it across the room half way through!
    yey, half term. I love it when Violet is home from school, though she does tend to eat, eat, eat! No idea where she puts it all. And, by the way, I too feed her crappy choccy cereal, so you are not alone. And no, I don't feel bad about it either. If she's eating brekkie, then that's fine by me. But she will not touch cereal at all during school hols. Kids are a strange species aren't they?

    Enjoy your time away. Hope you'll still be blogging though! x

    1. Yay, another thumbs up for chocolate cereal rather than nothing. I have been known to blog while away so there could well be the odd post. I like to write about what we've done but find it overwhelming trying to do it all at once when we get home, so I prefer to do it as it happens. I love school hols as well, more from my point of view though - late get ups, slobbing around in PJ's and the best bit is no packed lunches. Amy can eat like a horse as well, it must be a girl thing! Hope you and Violet have a lovely week - and Bill of course:) xx