Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Back Tracking on Offers

The optimist in me thinks there's still a chance these might grow big enough to produce strawberries this year.
The realist knows it's highly unlikely, so I bought these.
Still on the hunt for elderflower I took Thomas for a walk on the golf course to see if we could find any. The perimeter of the course is a public walkway so we weren't breaking any rules! I've not been for a walk on here for ages and I'm always a bit wary of stray golf balls flying around.
Tom and Joan's house backs onto the course and this is the view they have. Their garden gate is literally feet away from the green and in his younger days Mark used to sneak on and play a few holes, quickly running back in if he saw the greenkeeper. The course used to be set out differently and broken shed windows and irate householders were the norm, but they changed it a few years ago and peace seems to have reigned since.

Tom spent his first day at the hospice today. He got picked up at 9am and dropped off at 3.30pm, had his breakfast and a 3 course lunch, was offered a foot massage, (which he declined), saw a Doctor, was allocated his own nurse and had a general chit chat and change of scenery. All in all a good day which he seems to have enjoyed.

There's been some argy bargy over Joan's new room. After offering it to her, the Manager then back tracked. It's definitely one of the nicer rooms and the Manager all but said to Mark it would be wasted on her as she'll only use it for sleeping in. The fact that he'd implied Joan wasn't worthy made Mark even more determined to hold him to his word and she moved in yesterday. It's a shame neither Joan nor Tom can see or appreciate just how much effort Mark puts into fighting their corners for them. 

Just need to get him interested in my elderflower mission now.



  1. Well done Mark! Sometimes you fight for the people who won't know or notice because you need to.

    And the strawberries? Well, I think you made the right choice. Good luck with the plants!

    1. Yes, we might just get to eat 'home grown' strawberries this year now! You're right. We do fight for them because they're unable to do it themselves. But what makes Mark fight even harder is because we've seen how vulnerable people can so easily be railroaded into making decisions that aren't always to their benefit, when they don't really understand what they're doing. xx

  2. If it's any consolation, your strawberry seeds have performed much better than my sweet peas (which have done precisely nothing).
    I know from experience how very hard it is when your parents become reliant on what is a powerful health and social care system (which I'd also worked in/for over many years) but you do what you feel you need to do. I'm glad Joan got her new room.

  3. Oh no, and here am I telling you how easy they are to grow. Perhaps they just need a bit longer? You've hit the nail on the head. It is a powerful system and not easy to take on, even regarding the basics. In one way we are lucky to have such wonderful services, but accessing them can be extremely hard and it seems as though you have to fight for everything. They'd back tracked on the room once before which we let go, but after the way the Manager implied Joan wasn't worthy, it became a matter of principle. xx