Saturday, 9 May 2015

Mark - The Great Pretender

Amy slept out last night. Which meant Thomas was not only missing her but also her friends who drop in and love nothing more than playing on his Xbox with him. 

Anyway, after mooching around the house looking for something to do he wandered in with this in his hand and asked if we could do some experiments. I looked at Mark who quickly yawned, closed his eyes and 'went to sleep', leaving me to break the bad news of "not tonight Thomas, maybe tomorrow".
 He didn't seem too bothered and took himself into the kitchen only to appear 10 minutes later with a cookbook asking if he could make a cake. Mark started snoring.

It's hard to refuse Thomas anything really, certainly not two things on the run, as he doesn't ask for much so I agreed, even though it was 8pm. He wanted to make a chocolate cake and the only thing I had was Lidl drinking chocolate which was at least the right colour.
He was pretty good actually and weighed all the ingredients out himself.

Cracked the eggs.

And mixed. I was thinking while he was doing this how far he's come regarding noise not bothering him as much anymore. 

He even managed to spread the mixture evenly.

The choice of decoration was a little limited. Either white melted chocolate or milk melted chocolate. He chose white and spent a good few minutes on his 'design'.  

Then he cut 3 pieces, one for him, one for me and one for Mark, who by the time all the mixing, cleaning and decorating was done, was wide awake again. Funny that don't you think?



  1. I read that as he cut the whole cake into 3 slices!! It's all good stuff on the way to ( sob sniff ) independence !

  2. Shamefully, eating one third would have been no problem for me! He's growing up too fast and hits double figures in November! Mind you, he's still adamant he will live with us forever and tells Amy when we die he's going to live in the house and she can have all the money. He's got it all planned out. xx

  3. Are you suggesting that Mark was indulging in a period of selective exhaustion? If he's like my hubby, it's selective napping that knows when you try and turn over from the football as well!

  4. Oh yes, Mark has pretending to be asleep down to a tee, especially when homework or kids projects need doing. You're right about turning the TV over though, it's wakes him up quicker than any alarm clock would do! xx