Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Remember These?

I picked up my new specs today. It's not obvious but they are different enough in colour for me to tell which I need for driving and reading. Plus, as I mainly read in bed one pair will stay upstairs.
Does anyone remember these? They were made by Wade Ceramics in Staffordshire in the 1970's. I used to collect them when I was little and had quite a few. I can vividly remember making a 'house' for the kitten and puppy using loo roll, (their bed), and a Blue Band margarine tub. I threw them all away in my teens but saw these two at a car boot ages ago and bought them for £1 each. Just looking at them instantly takes me back to my childhood.
The purchase led me to buy some of the original Wade Whimsies which were first made in 1954. The idea was I would collect all of them but the novelty wore off after a while and they were relegated to a box in the wardrobe. 
Truth is, although they are collectors items, they don't mean anything to me. It's the 1970's ones that bring back memories. Memories of saving my pocket money so I could walk to the local hardware store, where I would spend ages choosing a new one. Memories of lovingly displaying the new addition on the white wall cabinet me and my sister each had in our bedroom. Memories of said bedroom, decorated with woodchip wallpaper painted pale pink. Memories of no posters being allowed on the walls in case the sellotape ripped the woodchip. Memories of desperately wanting my own bedroom. Funny how something so small can bring all that back as though it were only yesterday.

Anyway, today, in the spirit of kondo, a craze that seems to be 'in' at the moment, I am thanking the originals and sending them on their way, apart from the swan the elephant that is. Meanwhile, kitty and puppy are also going back in the cabinet - sadly, minus the loo roll and Blue Band margarine tub.



  1. I had the puppy as well! They were what we bought on holiday in Westward Ho! every year. there was a shop on the promenade walk that sold all beachy stuff and these whimseys for 35p each. That was just enough that we could buy one or two every holiday. We must have loads of them at Ma and Pa's house!
    I had the puppy on a dish (probably sold as an ashtray, but not ever used as such!) and still have it upstairs in my bedroom.... how lovely to be reminded.

  2. Yes, they were definitely less than 50p otherwise I'd have never saved up enough money for them lol. I used to ask for them as birthday presents as well. We were so easily pleased back in those days weren't we. xx

  3. I do remember those, I used to buy them for my Mum for Christmas and Birthday presents!