Thursday, 21 May 2015

Police, Camera, Action!

I was rudely awakened this morning by police sirens and a helicopter hovering over the house. The rest of the family were already up and had seen all the excitement of a car chase that ended abruptly a couple of doors down from us. Silly criminal didn't do his homework and drove into a dead end. Thomas got all excited when we saw the driver get handcuffed and put in the police van. I was more impressed at the passenger's getaway skills. He jumped into the drivers seat and reversed in a perfectly straight line all the way back up our street. Amy left for school, but texted on the way to say that the pursuit was still going on. 
I don't know what they'd done but the car didn't look like it was worth stealing and the blokes must have been in their 40's. We've lived here for 20 years and apart from an ambulance hurtling down the street towards Number 38 in my hour of need, I think it's the most exciting thing that's ever happened around here. 

It was just a little shop at Lidl today as we're going away. I didn't even bother to buy any flowers. The roses I bought last week have died but the alstroemeria I bought 2 weeks ago are still going strong and only cost £2.
I've made a start on the jigsaw. Thankfully, it's not too taxing on the old brain and I've had a little bit of 'help' from Thomas. After trying to do it properly and getting nowhere, he decided to just randomly stick pieces wherever he felt like. Amy is a complete hopeless case where jigsaws are concerned. She has no patience for them and just doesn't get the concept of turning a piece around to see if it will fit.
Mark has a new phone so I've been upgraded to his old one. Which means I had to listen to him explaining about internet, e-mails, and iCloud. After 10 minutes of him talking and me drifting off to another planet called 'what shall I make for tea', he asked me a question and I had to confess that I hadn't actually heard a word he'd said. My theory is as long as I can make a call and text somebody I'll be fine. Honestly, when all this internet malarkey comes crashing down around our ears I'm sure I'll be one of the very few people on the planet who can still function quite happily.

We've had our shed roof re-felted today which means another job crossed off the list. We got the bloke's number from a local magazine and when he came round he was telling us he'd been made redundant last year. When he went to the job centre they suggested starting his own business so he decided he'd do odd jobs. I was a little concerned as this information only came out after we'd given him the job. He can't even afford a van yet so he walks from job to job with a little trolley that he carries his things on. We had a minor problem in that the nails he wanted to use were too long so Mark had to run him to the shop to buy some more, but apart from that the job is a very good one. I have to say my heart melted a little bit when he unwrapped his new tool belt to wear. 



  1. I too live on that planet! Daily. The What's for tea? Planet. Humph! Jigsaw is looking good! I'm itching to hav a go! I bought my Ma in Law a bunch of Ludl roses for £2 THREE weeks ago and they are just on the turn. Honestly, nowt lasts these days - I'm going to take them back and complain!!!!

    1. You can't kill Lidl flowers off. If I buy the white lillies I have to be prepared to have them hanging around for a month.The 'what shall I make for tea' planet is very lonely. Nobody else from Number 38 ever joins me and suggests something. xx

  2. Good luck to the man! I'm enjoying your jigsaw puzzle. It's ages since I last did one!

  3. My sentiments exactly. He's obviously not work shy and deserves to succeed. The jigsaw is finished. Not because I'm super quick but because I've done nothing else all day! xx