Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Never Ending

Yesterday we cleared the rest of the rubbish out of the shed. We were going to order a skip but decided we'd save ourselves the £100 they wanted and take it to the tip ourselves. It was a good decision. We put the seats down in my car and by the time it was all bagged up and broken down we only ended up doing 2 drop offs. 
Now that it's cleared the shed has officially become the summer house again, although it's not as summer housey as I would like. Instead of bunting, wicker, straw hats, books and plants, it has a TV, DVD player, sofa and a Wii console in it. The benefit of all this though is that Thomas, Amy and Friends de-camp here in the warmer weather so I get to have my house back.
Somebody scraped the back of Mark's car in Tesco's the other day so the re-spray man has been out. It's all very technical, with paint codes being put into a computer, from which the right shade required is generated. Looks more like they're setting up for a garden party out there. 
We've also had a new alarm installed and it's been a cross between living in a submarine and B&Q. Beeping and drilling have resonated throughout the house all day. 

I'm ready for all this clearing, cleaning and updating to stop now; it seems to have been going on for weeks. We still have a few biggish jobs planned though and as the saying goes you can't make an omelette without cracking eggs. I just wish I was at the omelette eating stage. 



  1. Sounds like good progress is being made, though. Unlike here, where we clearly don't like omelettes!

  2. HaHa. I'm beginning to go off them myself! Yes, we are making progress but for every job we cross off the list another seems to be added although the plus side is they're not jobs for me thank goodness. Today is possibly patio weeding day which no doubt means grass being trod in all over the house. Ah well. xx

  3. I know what you mean, it feels never ending. The end results are so worth it, but the whole clearing out process. urgh.

    I wanted to hire a skip, but we decided against it for the same reason, cost of it and Bill could take it to the dump (I don't drive).
    You certainly keep yourself busy lady!

    Saw your comment, and the answer is we have front & back gardens. The back garden being pretty full, with three playhouses and a greenhouse! We've crammed a lot in :O)

    Apologises for any mistakes in this comment, just painted nails a bubble gum pink, and THEN decided it was the time to make a few blog visits!!!

  4. You could do a lot (of pink things) with the money saved on the cost of a skip :) We can see the light at the end of the tunnel now, but no doubt another tunnel will be on the horizon.

    I thoroughly enjoy pottering and keeping busy but I don't particularly like jobs that 'have' to be done. Mustn't grumble though, as you say, it will all be worth it in the end. xx