Monday, 18 May 2015

Monday at Number 38

I'm trying to organise a 'surprise' for Mark's birthday in June. I've given up - on the surprise bit that is. He's mentioned a few times in the past that he'd like to do a track day at Oulton Park but having looked at the site I realise I need to ask him exactly what package he wants. Never mind, it's the thought that counts. And I'm not sure he's that keen on surprises anyway. 

I'm itching to get the outside jobs finished, but the weather is against us. It's been raining and windy all day.

Which is a shame because outside work would have been a good excuse to pass on Monday's mundane jobs.

New clothes for Thomas for the holiday next week. Made harder to buy because he has to have all the labels cut out of his clothes so I can never just look at what size he's wearing and get the next one up.

An optimistic buy of Citric Acid, in the hopes of finding some elderflowers - it's become my mission in life.

Pizza and salad for tea. I buy the small basic ones from Lidl and put everybody's choice of topping on.
I registered for on-line services at our surgery last week. The new system allows you to book your own appointments and when I looked there were loads available which is strange because you generally can't get an appointment for days.

Anyway, on the appointment page there was a little box you could type a message in so I typed "tel. appt please re. Amy". My query was simple, so being a good citizen I thought, no point wasting the Doc's time and more importantly, mine. This morning the appointment time came and went so I rang up an hour later (they're terrible for running late) only to be told, "Sorry, the comment box you filled in doesn't show up at this end". At least I'll know in future not to bother typing anything in. 



  1. How daft is that?!!!! Fancy not reading their comments box - clearly not a blogger!

  2. If only the GP system was organised for the benefit of the patients!
    I love the idea of having to cut the labels out so you never know what size Thomas is.... I used to have something similar with my eldest, but fortunately those days are gone!

  3. Haha, yes indeed. Why even have the box if they can't see it at their end. Under the old system I'd have rung up and asked the receptionist for a script which Amy has had before. Now I can't do that. I have to request it on-line or speak to a doctor. Seems more complicated than it needs to be. xx

  4. One of his many quirks I'm afraid Angel Jem. Socks have been a major problem in the past, there have been times when I've put the same pair on several times to try to get them to feel right. Thankfully that seems to have passed now although he still struggles with how some things feel, taste and texture. He's getting better though. xx