Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Lots of Little Jobs

First job of the day was my weigh in, followed by a bowl of porridge and prunes. The prunes are medicinal if you know what I mean, but it's no hardship, I love them and could quite easily sit and eat a whole tin.

Then it was time to thin out and plant the sweet peas into bigger pots. It was too wet and windy outside so I brought them indoors. It's a messy job but somebody has to do it. Do you like my gardening tools? 

I've got 20 plants in total. The pot cost 79p and in the past I've paid £1.50 for 6 plants about the size mine are now, so the Wilko ones are a real bargain.
I didn't go to Bury this week. Instead I got the sewing machine out and finished off the dresses. They're all parcelled up and ready to be posted and there's also 2 crocheted shoulder bags in there. 
As well as the usual daily chores I've done a pile of ironing, taken some stuff to the charity shop, cleaned the fridge and changed the beds. 

It's rained most of the day here at Number 38 with some real downpours at times. I can't even say it's doing the garden good as we have a patio, gravel and decking, none of which require watering. 



  1. And a summer house!

    Good week so far x

  2. Yes, now that most of the rubbish is cleared out I shall stop referring to it as 'the shed' and restore it's full title of 'summer house'. Not much summer here at the moment though. Itching to get out there and start tidying it all up. xx

  3. the summer house is so cute! You should make some bunting to put up on it :O)

    I've loved the weather this week. So breezy on Tuesday a quilt I put out was not far off being dry when I brought it back in.
    Yesterday was much the same with oodles of showers. Only bad thing being it was Roman Day at school, so I fretted about Violet all day in her gold dress and gladiator sandals!

    Your sweet peas are doing so well. and yes, I love your gardening tools!

    1. I might just do that, I've got loads of material scraps left over from the dresses. I was thinking about you yesterday, knowing you would be a happy bunny because it was raining lol. I can relate to you fretting. In summer I worry in case Thomas is too hot, he forgets to drink his water and in winter I worry in case he's too cold because he won't wear a vest or jumper, just a thin cotton shirt. I'm getting better though and he's still alive! Violet's costume sound great - you'll have to post a pic of your creation when you are blogging again. xx

  4. Oooo hello! I'm here from your comment on Tracey's blog, read your profile and I'm now following! Love it. Going to read it all now! Expect lots of comments because I'm very nosy and annoying like that!!

  5. Hello and welcome to Number 38. Glad you are enjoying reading about the goings on here. Please comment, I love hearing from people. We're all a bit nosy really aren't we - I know I am! xx