Friday, 8 May 2015

Lack of self control

See, I knew this would happen. I tell myself  'no seeds this year' and yet here I am, riding high on the success of the sweet peas, with another grow your own pot standing on the kitchen counter. This time I thought I'd try strawberries. I'm hoping they will grow as big and red and juicy as these I bought from Lidl yesterday.
 My lack of self control also spilled over into lunch. We took Tom out and although there were plenty of salads and baked potatoes on offer I went for the macaroni cheese. Who really wants a salad when someone else is cooking for you? No photo I'm afraid. I'm far too self conscious to get the camera out when it's busy to take snaps of my food. 

This afternoon I have cooked a chicken, made a pastry case for a quiche and a jelly for Amy's friend. I have also bought plasters for said friend's boyfriend who has used all ours this week. He has a new pair of Doc Martins and his feet are covered in blisters. We are buying more sugar than ever because all her friends have 2 or 3 spoons in each cup of tea they drink! and extra bacon is now needed because we're never sure who will be here for breakfast at weekend. I have also joined the parent taxi driver club. It's a busy household lately, but I love it.



  1. I laughed at this. It was my first born n her friends who used to empty our fridge like a plague of locusts! Ps I work in a primary school! I was 'midwife/birthing partner' to my sister for her two youngest. It was magical and it is my dream alternative career!

  2. I loved those lively teenage years, too. Then I blinked and my girl was 30! I haven't thought about trying to grow strawberries (I've planted blueberry, blackcurrant and whitecurrant bushes) . Might give them a go and then we can compare progress!

    1. Yes, they certainly bring life into an otherwise fairly quiet house with their dramas and hormones. The size of the lads amazes me - it's like they been in some sort of growth experiment - they're huge!

      I can't believe you have a 30 year old daughter, as daft as this might sound, your blog 'reads' much younger.

      A strawberry comparison study would be fun - you should plant some. Have you done any sweet peas yet? I'd love a couple of fruit bushes. See you've got me thinking now that I should buy some. This temptation has to stop. xx

  3. Lol, yes I can see now that you clearly state on your blog your work in a primary school DOH! I worked in the office of a primary and in an after school club. There's nothing quite like working in a school to see all walks of life is there. The kids are lovely, it's the blooming parents that cause havoc. How lovely to be at the births of your sisters children. Oh Lord, these teenagers. Hungry, funny, dramatic, hormonal - I love it. xx