Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Jigsaw and Judgement

It's Wednesday, which means it's weigh in day and an updated weight loss page.

It also means it's Bury day. My days have become very predictable over the months and I'm looking forward to the change of a holiday next week. Monday is housework. Tuesday is reading at school. Wednesday is Bury. Thursday is shopping. Friday is nothing much at all. Then it all starts again the following week. 

Anyway, Wednesday it is, so off to Bury we went. Tom is using a wheelchair now so we can get around much quicker than we used to. Not that we're in a rush, it just means we can go to more shops and we can take more time over our breakfast. In the past we've set off at 9.30am and not got back until 1pm with only a chicken leg and a black pudding to show for it!

I had a little splurge today and bought a book from WHS. I'm really enjoying the TV programme Home Fires and I'm hoping this will be along the lines of the Nella Last books which I read last year. 
I still made my weekly pilgrimage to The Works and in the spirit of our Typical British Seaside Holiday next week I bought this jigsaw. I used to do loads of jigsaws when I was younger and there was usually one on my Christmas list. The last one I did was when I came home from hospital after my heart attack. Mum and my sister-in-law chose it for me and it was perfect. A 1950's village scene. When I was lay awake worrying at night, I would come down and spend half an hour on it to try and take my mind off things. 
I also 'nipped' into Poundworld and managed to spend £19 although Amy had a few requests this week.
And I bought breakfast supplies for Thomas while we're away. It's surprising how many different types of muesli are on offer in a hotel but coco pops can be very hard to come by. And yes, I confess, I am one of those terrible mothers who lets their children eat chocolate cereal and in Thomas' case quite often 2 bowlfuls, along with his 2 slices of toast. 
I have very broad shoulders though, (hopefully not for much longer!), so feel free to judge. 



  1. I have missed out on Home Fires, which is a shame as I'm in the WI and love it.
    And as for stocking up on cocoa pops and being judgemental..... I applaud your thinking ahead and making sure the child has a good breakfast for his hols. Go have some fun!

    1. Have you ever blogged about being in the WI? I'd be really interested to read about that. I only read a couple of pages of the book last night but I didn't realise (neither did the author until she researched it), that the group is pacifist and has never been represented at any war ceremony. I thought that was really interesting considering how closely they are linked with the WW2 war effort.

      I feel much better about the chocolate cereal already:) xx

  2. having a catch up. Have spent most of this week either jogging, doing housework, or working out in the garage. Now it's half term and all of the above will be practically impossible or just plain pointless.

    Violet has to have her labels cut out too. Drives me mad. What is it with kids and labels?

    Elderflowers should be easy to find, but not sure they're blooming just yet. Haven't seen any in flower around here, but it'll happen soon.

    Thank you for your comment. Well spotted, by the way. I used to be a window dresser back in the day, which probably explains why I love to dress the shelves in this house!

    Must scoot. Want to blog today, not that I have anything much to write but I'm still going to try!

  3. Yes! I knew it. Nobody can create such lovely shelves as you can. What a lovely job to have had. Mind you I'm thinking you might have had to work to a store format rather than letting creativity reign?

    Elderflowers are definitely lacking near Number 38, but then they would be if they're not ready yet wouldn't they haha. I'm sadly lacking in knowledge re. countryside, apart from knowing that I love it.

    You are very good at working out. I've still to drag myself the 20 steps to the shed and get on the treadmill. Pure LAZY on my part.

    Labels and socks have been the bane of my life for the past 9 years - I don't want to talk about it lol. :) xx

  4. Oh boo hiss- I wrote a v v v v witty comment and I thought it had vanished into the Ethernet! Basically I love Home Fires too but am saving it til half term! I once looked into joining our WI BUT COULDNT AFFORD THE SUBS!! it was a lot of ££££

  5. Really? I'm going to have a nosey on t'internet now and see where our local one is and how much they charge..... right I'm back. We have one in Manchester that was only set up in 2012 and costs £36 per annum or you can go to two trial meetings at £3 each. Wonder if fees are standard? Bet they have loads of people joining, what with Home Fires and Kate Middleton expressing an interest. xx