Monday, 4 May 2015

It's done

I'm shattered! I'm absolutely rubbish at early get ups, I'm more of a night owl, but true to my word I was up at 5am and out of the door with Thomas at 5.45. Nothing much has changed in the car boot world. People still run after cars and there's no chance of setting up shop, but I'm not complaining, although Thomas looked a bit shell shocked by the whole thing. We took £209! After taking out the cost of entry and the table we ended up having to buy, we made a nice profit of £189. How on earth we managed to do that I don't know but we did. The best bit is I only brought home 2 small boxes of stuff, which will get taken to the charity shop on Wednesday.
We went up to see Tom this afternoon. His sister had invited him to a BBQ but he didn't want to go. His mood can be up and down and I've noticed he seems to slip into a bit of a decline if he doesn't see one of us every day, which doesn't actually happen very often as Mark sees him most days.

I resisted falling asleep on the sofa mid-afternoon and instead threw caution to the wind, poured myself a liqueur, sat in the garden and just enjoyed the weather, listening in to other peoples conversations. It's so quiet where we live that even people talking at a normal level can be heard quite clearly, something I tend to forget myself at times.

I have 3 dresses to finish off this week. All they need are pockets sewing on, then I can get them in the post. I've not done any sewing since before Easter as clearing the house seems to have taken over, but I think I'm ready to get the machine out again now.

Mark ordered some patio cleaner and decking paint which has arrived, so we can hopefully make a start on sprucing the garden up soon. We're aiming for everything being done and dusted by the end of May so we can just sit back and enjoy it. But you know how it is.... best laid plans and all that. 

Hope you've all had a lovely Bank Holiday.



  1. I used to sit in the garden for 5 minutes and then see something I had to do and get sorted... I've learned better now. I don't notice the little jobs until it's time to get up and do them. I hope you get the place sorted and get the summer to relax as much as possible. With Tom and everything you deserve a chance to rest!
    And well done on the car boot!

  2. Thanks Angel Jem. The car boot was a lovely surprise. I'm much better at ignoring things than I used to be. I definitely don't go looking for housework any more - there are far better things to do. Every few weeks I'll have a bit of a blitz and then just keep on top of it all and do the basics. Just hope we have a good summer so we can get a few nice days and evenings out of it. xx

  3. wow, well done with the car booting. I wish I could be bothered to do that, but the truth is I'd rather just get rid of stuff and be done than hold on to it and find a car boot place. Bill is not a fan of car boot sales either, so the truth is it's always a nice thought, but will never happen.

    Ha ha, I have to laugh about you sitting in the garden and listening. I really believe people think when they are in their gardens, no one can hear them. The things I've overheard, and not because I strain my ears trying to hear, I hear it simply because I'm not deaf and people don't realise they can be heard! We have a park behind us, so I hear snippets from there too.

    Well done on the sewing. I'm going to need to get a decent sewing machine again. The little one is pretty good and will do for the time being, but I'm used to a bigger and faster machine. So for that reason, my sewing plans are on hold until later in the year. Which is ok, I have other things to do which wouldn't get done if I was shut up in my craft room!

    Have a lovely Tuesday. Rainy here, so you know I'm happy!

  4. It was Thomas who wanted to do a car boot this time. I think the idea of playing shopkeeper appealed to him. Truth is after 2 hours he was bored and wanted to go home, the problem being it's impossible to move the car because you're jammed in. He was a trooper though and stuck it out til the end and of course the money he made softened the boredom. Years ago Mark used to go and have a look round a couple while he was waiting for me to get up, but I'm not that keen.

    The garden thing is funny isn't it and is even more entertaining at night when people have had a drink and forget neighbour's bedroom windows are open. Like you say though, you can't help but hear what's being said. Last year me and Amy were sat outside. It was early evening and the bloke next door was singing his head off in the shower, which was funny enough but when he suddenly shouted, oww I've got soap in my p***s. We had to come in we were laughing that much. Then the morning after you're bumping into them and saying 'Good Morning' in our very English way.

    Shame about the sewing machine but I know what you mean. If you do a lot of crafting a bigger and faster one is definitely a must. Hope you find one in pink! :) xx