Thursday, 14 May 2015

Ikea Retail Therpay

We went to Ikea Tuesday evening. Amy needed a desk but space is really limited in her room so we've bought a wall mounted drop leaf table/desk. It's really nifty actually and once she's done with it, it just folds down against the wall giving her back the floor space she needs. 
I've probably only been to Ikea a handful of times and anybody who is familiar with the stores will know how big they are and how long they can take to walk round. Once you enter you're sort of led on a path that you can't seem to get off and which takes you through every department until you actually make it to the exit. I reckon we must have walked 5 miles - OK slight exaggeration but not much. 

Anyway, the concept worked, because I did impulse buy a couple of things. This little lantern will sit nicely on the patio table and only cost £2.
I also bought this after suffering serious orchid envy brought on by a lovely blog I've recently discovered called "A Life in the English Rain".
And 2 'silver bar things with hooks' for a blank wall in the kitchen, which my mugs now hang from. 

Amy made brioche this week at school. They looked delicious and I regretted my 'no eat' rule so much so that I asked her if I should try one. She was very truthful and advised against it, so I'm hoping she'll make some at home in the not too distant future.

Thursday is Lidl day at Number 38, which means fresh flowers and these lovely yellow roses were my choice of the week.  
Tomorrow I want to get out in the garden and plant up the sweet peas. They're really tall now and I think they're established enough to survive. I've also bought some geraniums that need planting. Just hope the weather is good enough so I can spend a bit of time out there.



  1. I love Ikea. Can't decide if it's like walking on the Yellow brick road, or trying to tread quick sand. Either way, you get taken along and drawn in to buying all sorts of things, most of which you didn't even realise you wanted in the first place!

    Gorgeous orchid! They are so beautiful aren't they?

    Have a fabulous weekend. xx

  2. Their space saving designs are really good. It makes me want to live in a flat and see how much of their stuff I can cram in. It was definitely like walking down the the yellow brick road. Thomas was fed up half way round but I didn't know if or how we could take a short cut. He perked up when we got through the tills and saw hot dogs for sale. xx

  3. It's ages since we visited Ikea but last time we went I bought several of those lanterns (thanks for the reminder, they must be in the shed). I bought flowers yesterday, too. Yellow tulips. And I planted the sweet pea seeds!

  4. I love yellow flowers, you can't beat them. I'm wondering why I didn't buy more lanterns to be honest. They were a bargain and I probably won't go back to Ikea again for years. Yay to finally planting the sweet peas. Unfortunately, the strawberries don't seem to be doing much of anything so they might be a big fat fail xx