Sunday, 3 May 2015

How Much Can You Get In An Aygo

Quite a lot actually, but we needn't have bothered. After packing the car, sorting out the kitty, making a flask and getting the girls out of bed because they wanted to come, we arrived to find it was cancelled due to bad weather. Which was a bit annoying to say the least, mostly because I'm not sure what was wrong with the weather. Yes, it was dull but it wasn't raining, it wasn't windy and it was surprisingly warm. 
Thomas was really disappointed, so tomorrow we're having another go. There is a huge car boot held just on the outskirts of Middleton. The only reason I didn't fancy it was because it's a 6am start. But for the sake of Thomas having the experience and because I don't know what else to do with a boot full of stuff, I will drag myself out of bed and take him. 

What I have decided is that in future I will donate things more regularly so that I never have enough stuff to sell again!

The silver lining to the day though was that I'd not planned any lunch, so we went to the Rose of Lancaster which was a treat. I didn't fancy a traditional roast so opted for a smoked haddock risotto which was delicious. 

Afterwards we had a little walk along the canal that runs behind the pub and this time I remembered to take some bread so that Thomas could feed the ducks.
Hopefully, it'll be second time lucky tomorrow. I'll let you know. 


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