Sunday, 24 May 2015

Getting ready

No Sunday lunch today. Instead Mark made us all brunch and very nice it was too. He even made sure the bacon was crispy for me. Then he did some ironing - I must look like I need the help today. 
Another job has been crossed off 'the list'. We put the lights up on the summer house. When Thomas saw them he asked, "is it nearly Christmas again?"
Our cases are packed and a bottle of sun lotion has optimistically been slipped in as well. That's the trouble with packing for this country, you have to cover every weather eventuality. We've emptied the jar that all our 1p's and 2p's get thrown into, so that should keep Thomas quiet for a while in the arcade on the pier and Grandma has given him a pot of money as well.
I've read a couple of chapters of Jambusters and can't decide whether I'm enjoying it or not. I thought it would be more like a diary but it's mainly the history of the WI and their input in WW2, interspersed with excerpts taken from member's letters and diaries. This means I can't 'connect' with anybody, unlike the Nella Last books.

It can be a bit heavy going in some places with lots of names and dates and it also goes into the nitty gritty of government rules and regulations which I find a bit tedious. Generally though, it's an interesting read but it's not beating Home Fires. 



  1. The lights are looking good! Have a good time away. .. Love the pennies for the penny arcade! That was a part of my caravan childhood holidays in Westward Ho!

    1. Thank you.Thomas isn't too bothered about winning but likes feeding money into the machines and the pennies will go a long way. I was more a bingo fan myself and remember winning enough points on a holiday in Rhyl to be able to choose a glass whisky decanter for my Dad. xx

  2. the summer house looks so good, I love it! Loving those lights too, so I'm going to have a little look on Lights 4 Fun now. Last year I bought new lights from some other website & I loved them, ordered loads of sets but at least 2 of the sets had exactly half of them go out. So first time of using them, Christmas not yet over, half my lights were out Not happy. Can't remember the name of the site now, but that's ok, not going to use them again. Never had any trouble with Lights 4 Fun lights, so it's back there again. Especially now I've seen yours.

    We often trot off to Felixstowe so Bill and Violet can use up all our pennies on the arcade machine. So much fun! I just go for the chips ;o)

    Got to love a man who can cook up a breakfast like that. I see we have our eggs the same way. And that's why Bill can't cook eggs for me. His are either over done or ' snotty'. He can't poach eggs either, apparently he doesn't have ' the right machine' for it!!! I pointed out that actually, a saucepan and hot water, dash of vinegar are pretty much all the machine needed, but apparently I'm wrong and there is some special, magical machine available. Hm. Sounds like a big fat fib!

    Ok, I must away. Have a gorgeous holiday, eat, have fun, relax. xx

  3. Haha. I love poached eggs but I can't do them either. If Bill ever finds this elusive 'machine' will you let me know :) My brother-in-law is fab at them but mine lose all the white into the water and I end up with a hard boiled yolk. Mind you I'd rather have hard than snotty YUK!

    We're really pleased with the lights, I need some more for our Christmas tree this year, so I'll be placing another order with Lights 4 Fun.

    You can't beat a trip to the seaside, fish and chips and a go in the penny arcades. Lytham Pier has an arcade which is very family orientated and has lots of 1p and 2p machines which Thomas likes feeding his money into. Plus there's a bowling game which we all play and which gets rather competitive - me and Mark being the worst culprits lol. xx