Friday, 15 May 2015


The weather has been lovely today at Number 38. A tad windy but warm and dry and sunny. Which meant after the housework I managed to get out into the garden to plant up the sweet peas.
And 3 of the 4 geraniums I bought yesterday - I ran out of compost. But that means a trip to the garden centre might be on the agenda tomorrow for some more.
Today was the first day of the year where it felt warm enough for me to sit outside for an hour with a book and a glass of wine - after Thomas had been collected from school of course.
A bowl of strawberries to eat would have been the icing on the cake but the ones I bought from Lidl don't taste of anything. There was a choice between Spanish or English and I chose the Spanish ones, purely because you got twice as many for half the price. Next week I will be back to buying British. They are completely tasteless and as lovely as they look, I could quite easily leave them in the bowl. 
I've been overcome with the urge to make jam this year, something I've not done for a while and it won't be long now before the pick your own farms are open. (Mental note to self, start collecting jars). I might even have a go at elderflower cordial but will have to have a 'tree' lesson from Mum before I do this. I'd hate to be inadvertently making some poisonous brew for the family and urging them to drink it because it's good for them. And ignorance cannot be pleaded in cases of crime - I know because I just googled it. Ah well. 



  1. I made jam for the first time in years last year n I loved it. I cannot wait to make some this ear. I cheated n used supermarket strawberries that were reduced!

  2. You can't beat homemade jam, it tastes lovely. Nothing wrong with supermarket strawberries, they could possibly be cheaper than pick your own. I know I was surprised at how much it cost when we last went strawberry picking. It's a day out though and a bit of fun for us all. xx