Sunday, 10 May 2015

Experiments and Simple Things

The home rang Mark yesterday to get the OK to move Joan from an upstairs room to a downstairs one, the reason being they're struggling to get her into the lift because she can't bend her knees. I have a strange sense of humour and this conjured up slapstick comedy images that I couldn't stop giggling about. Anyway, they wanted us to check the room over so we went to see it today. It's absolutely fine. It's not en-suite but neither is the one she has now, which doesn't matter as she has all her care done on the bed. I was quite surprised when we first went to look at homes that not all rooms have their own bathrooms and those that do you have to pay extra for. I think she'll like this room. 
Last night we opened the box of science experiments and decided to inflate a balloon using a plastic bottle, vinegar and bicarb of soda. All went well until we took the balloon off the bottle. Can you imagine the mess shaking a can of coke and opening it in the middle of a kitchen would cause. Exactly.The experiment took 5 minutes. Wiping down the kitchen cupboards took a lot longer.  
Always a glutton for punishment I agreed we could try the exploding volcano today. The end results were less messy until we added a little more bicarb and the pink food colouring fountain shot straight into the air hitting the kitchen ceiling. No more science experiments at Number 38 for a while I think. 
After all that drama we did something much more up my street. We went to the park and fed the ducks. There's nothing wrong with a bit of old fashioned nice and simple is there. 
I love this park. My Nanna lived just a few doors away from it and when we were little Dad would take us to feed the ducks while we were visiting her. 

I always wanted to live in this house and still would given the chance. It overlooks the bowling green and very occasionally it opens for an event so I can have a little look around.
Like many parks it went through a very neglected stage but enjoyed a revival several years ago with summer fairs, Easter egg hunts, Christmas markets, Halloween parties etc. taking place. Sadly, it seems to be on the wane again.
But whatever happens over the years, the one constant is Mother nature herself.
And She never lets me down. 



  1. I am quite pleased I'm passed 'science experiment phase' !! Hahahaha!

  2. I think I've passed it now as well to be honest! Thomas has got it out of his system and was quite happy for it to be binned and has now returned to the Xbox. Playdoh and moon sand were high on the list of things I was also gald to see the back off and anything that is a primary colour and makes a noise brings Mark out in a cold sweat haha. xx