Thursday, 28 May 2015

Evening Walk and A Funny Spa Treatment

Big Tom likes a walk out after his evening meal, although as Little Tom, (who's not keen on walking), has pointed out "it's OK for Grandad, he doesn't walk, he gets pushed in the wheelchair". It's blooming cold and windy here at Lytham at 8.30pm but we've braved the elements and we've walked down the promenade and back through the gardens.

Every time we come to Lytham there seems to be something new and this time it's this row of beach huts. You can rent them out for £65 a day or if you're feeling flush you can buy one for £30,000. 

Not bad I suppose, considering you get a view like this.
Walking down to the beach huts we pass the boating lake. There are pedal boats, canoes and also those big 'hamster balls' that you get in and 'walk the water'. 
Coming back we go through the gardens, up and down little winding paths 

To the waterfall
Then over some stepping stones
And under a little bridge
Lytham is known for it's golf so it's no surprise to find a mini putting green in the gardens as well.

Today, Amy visited the hotel spa for a facial which she really enjoyed. While the mask was working its magic the beautician gave her a foot massage. Amy can't stand people touching her feet and couldn't stop laughing, I couldn't stop laughing at her laughing and the beauty therapist couldn't stop laughing at us. 
Unfortunately, after lunch it started to rain and hasn't let up since so we didn't make it to the windmill and Lowther Gardens. Instead we've spent time in the hotel playing cards, chatting, swimming and of course, updating blogs.



  1. I've never visited Lytham so I'm loving your 'postcards' (that beach looks wonderful). We can never guarantee the weather here, can we, but it sounds like you're not letting a spot of rain dampen the holiday spirit.

  2. Lytham is lovely and we've spent many enjoyable days there and the beach is beautiful. Funny to think that only a couple of miles down the coast is Blackpool - talk about from one extreme to another in 5 minutes! I think in this country you just have to go with the flow weather wise or it could definitely ruin a holiday. The suntan lotion never made it out of the case that's for sure. xx