Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Do I have to come?

Just a very quick post tonight. My weight loss page has been updated and that's about all I've had time to do today.

This evening we have been shopping for shoes for Amy and Thomas. Thomas asked the question "Do I have to come"!

Errr, that would be a yes Thomas, unless you want to chop your feet off so I can take them with me. 

I haven't posted a picture of the new shoes. I'm too frightened to put them on the table!



  1. Now Sarah and I have exactly the same size feet, I don't have to take her for new shoes.... I just go, and but the ones I like (which she then pinches!)

  2. No, you do right with keeping the new shoes off the table!

  3. After my last post and comments about shoes on the table I couldn't do it to my fellow bloggers again. Instead it will be my dirty little secret and I have decided I shall be a closet shoe on table person from now on. xx

  4. Ah the joys of teenage daughters! You must have good shoe style if Sarah is happy to wear yours. Amy has 'borrowed' mine in the past but as skinny as she is her feet have grown to a whopping size 7 so mine are all too small now. If she needs school shoes replacing and I can find the same pair I'll buy them without her being there, otherwise the way sizes are these days she needs to be there to try them on as well. xx