Friday, 1 May 2015

Car Boots - Once bitten....

We had to pay the second instalment for Thomas' activity weekend with school today. It's not until December and he'll be away for 2 nights. Before I parted with the money I did ask him if he was sure he wanted to go. He answer was a resounding 'Yes'. I just hope his enthusiasm doesn't wane as the date draws nearer.
I've been getting ready for the car boot today. I've boxed up the books and DVDs and I'll do some more tomorrow. I like everything to be in order when I arrive so it's just a case of putting it out. This stems from my first car boot experience 20 years ago where I naively expected to turn up, set up my 'display', then open my 'shop'. Instead, as we drove to our spot we had people running after the car. When we got out they were literally stood at the boot and we had to fight our way through to open it. Mum and Dad had come with us and when Dad got out with his flask of coffee somebody tried to take it off him. Me and Mum couldn't do anything for laughing.

Amy brought her focaccia bread home last night which she'd made on Tuesday. That's another reason why we don't eat anything she makes, she leaves it hanging around school for days on end. It actually looked very nice but once again it was the bin that got to eat it. 
For the past few days we've had 2 wood pigeons in our garden. It's surprising how noisy they are flying in and out of the trees going about their business. I don't know whether this is Mr or Mrs, but last night the two of them were both flirting outrageously with each other. It looked a lot like the old playground game of 'Kiss Catch' was going on and our garden seemed to be 'base'.
Mind you, none of their frolickings seemed to bother Sparky, who for all the fluttering of wings, cooing and leaf rustling that was going on, managed to sleep through the whole thing.



  1. My mum refused to eat anything I made at school (my dad was braver). I remember her insistence that the Christmas cake I'd baked and brought home proudly smelled of fish! Good luck with the car boot sale. At least your stuff won't end up with a lovely coat of wallpaper paste!

    1. I'm trying to imagine a fishy Christmas cake and wondering what you might have done for your Mum to think it smelled like that. I don't feel too guilty because Amy won't eat any of what she makes either. She says the equipment isn't always clean and I think there's a few helping hands from other students along the way as well. So half of Year 10 have probably dipped, licked and tasted.

      When I was at school not only did you get marked on cooking but also on the washing up. We used to have to put all our utensils out on the table for inspection and only if she was happy would they be allowed to go back in the cupboard. I bet that doesn't happen these days.

      Just sat here weather watching. It's not the best day but I think I'll just get it done with so that it's out of Thomas' system. xx

  2. Are you sure Sparky was the right name for the dog? He looks anything but, despite the bird action going on!
    And food from school is a difficult question; can Miss remember how she made the focaccia and repeat the dish? That's our favourite way of eating a school recipe? (not to mention the fact that She usually eats it before it makes it home!)

    1. Haha. He looks comatosed doesn't he. He can move when he wants to though, especially for chocolate drops.

      Amy's pretty good at baking and bread making and will take herself into the kitchen to make something which we're happy to eat. We just need to concentrate on meals really, but you know how it is, I just think I can have it done while she's messing around. Over the next few months though I'm going to let her have a go at making some simple meals for us. Under supervision of course! xx