Friday, 17 April 2015

Virgin, Eyes & Hair

I'm surprised there's even a blog on here today as Mark has spent a good proportion of it on the phone to Virgin trying to sort out the internet or rather lack of it.

Anyway, I had my eye test this morning and have now progressed from needing one pair of glasses for driving and watching TV to also needing a second pair for reading. I don't know, this getting old - there's not much to be said for it really is there.

I popped back to Lidl last night to pick up a Mandevilla and they'd all gone! I was really disappointed. Never mind, I'll just have to see if they have any in stock next week.

Mum has made soup for me again. This week it's Mediterranean and packed full of peppers, tomatoes, onions and chili flakes. As usual it was delicious. I could eat soup every day for lunch. It's quick and easy and more to the point it warms me up as I'm constantly cold.
This afternoon I went to the hairdressers for my usual wash and cut. I don't bother with the blow dry part. I'm far too impatient to sit there while somebody faffs around with me. No hairdresser has ever styled it the way I like it anyway so I always end up washing it again when I get home. I've been going to the same hairdressers around the corner for years. Notice I didn't call it a salon - a bit like me it knows its place and has no delusions of grandeur! The cost of my pamper session today was a bargain £10. Not bad considering what some places charge. Another sign of age on show here - silver highlights.
I also managed to get out in the garden and finally planted up the bleeding heart I bought a few weeks ago. I tidied up the tubs and tipped all the dead plants out so they're ready to use again and I've decided my hanging baskets this year will just be trailing fuchsia. It's ages since I've bought fuchsia and I have an urge to see cascades of these lovely flowers all around the garden.
If you want a quick trip to St Mary's Lighthouse in Whitley Bay and to see if I made it to the top or not then Number 38 is the place to be tomorrow.



  1. we're with Virgin and I've noticed on windy days our internet connection is utter poo. I like to have the laptop in the kitchen, watching you tube stuff, but it's forever losing connection. Does my head in.

    Silver highlights. know all about those!

    the soup looks so nice. I don't make soup - probably should give it a try - but I do love Amy's soup. It's so good, organic, and has a home made feel to it. Asda often have it on offer, so I stock up.

    Back later to read your latest post!

  2. After we ring Virgin we seem to get really good connections for a week then I'm sure they do something and it slows down and is hit and miss again. It always seems to go wrong when I need to do something quickly as well.

    I don't make soup very often either, I find it hard work and messy so I'm very grateful mum is happy to make me a weekly batch. And things always taste better when they've been made for you don't you think? xx