Monday, 20 April 2015

The sound of silence

Amy and Thomas are back at school and it's been so quiet here today. No voices, no music, no phones ringing, no friends calling for Thomas, no teenage lads and lasses sat on the counters in the kitchen chatting. I must admit I love the hustle and bustle of the house at the moment. The to-ings and fro-ings of all the young people bring a totally different vibe to Number 38. But today I'm also loving the stillness. The peace. The quiet. The space. The ownership of my own home again. Even if it is just for a few hours.

I've been to Town for a few bits but really I've just pottered around doing nothing very much, apart from a tiny bit of token housework - not a lot though.

I've bought this little pot of grow your own sweet peas. I love the colours and scent of sweet peas and they keep my little vases filled for weeks on end throughout summer. 
And I've cleared the cupboard of all the odd cups we somehow manage to accumulate and bought 6 new ones. I'm very much a floral girl at heart.
I've also found a frame for the picture from Holy Island. After a little bit of measuring and cutting it's finally hung on the wall.
Mark is taking me to Skipton tomorrow. It's ages since we've done anything on our own so we're going to go for some lunch and a look around. 

I have some spending money and I'm hoping there will be time to have a mooch around Craven Court, especially the apothecary.



  1. Sweet peas are lovely. I've never grown them but I really want to have a go this year. Never been to Skipton, either, so look forward to reading about your day.

    1. They are quite easy to do, they just need lots of water as they're very thirsty flowers. I find seeds fiddly to mess with these days, but sweet peas are definitely worth the trouble. xx

  2. much as I love weekends and school hols, I truly cherish the peace and quiet of the house when it's just me during the week.

    The rooms stay tidy, there are no cries of 'mun, can I have crisps/chocolate/etc....' Being able to go to the loo without Violet barging in and asking what I'm doing!!! You know the kind of thing :O)

    Love those mugs. I am trying so hard to ditch excess or unwanted stuff, then you dangle pretty mugs in front of me just to tempt me. Pack it in, woman!

    1. Yes, why is it that children need you every time you're sat on the loo? I know exactly what you mean about the interruptions. I can be in the kitchen for ages but Thomas always asks for something when I've just sat down. Really I should just move the crisps and chocolate to where he can reach them or get him to learn to climb lol. xx

  3. I miss solo time. Now Hubby works from home, I never get a day to just pootle about.

  4. Yes, having a husband at home can be a double edged sword can't it. I love my own company and having the house to myself is a real treat. Children and men can make the place feel so untidy, even when they're just sat there doing nothing :) xx