Sunday, 26 April 2015

Testing testing

Not much waffle and only 2 pictures today. 

I bought an SD card for the new camera. It's a teeny tiny little thing, maybe a quarter in size of my old one. The camera is different as well, in that I have to connect it to the computer to download my pictures, rather than inserting the SD card into the computer.

I'm still getting to grips with all the buttons but rather than read the booklet that came with it, far too easy an option, I just keep pressing them randomly to see what happens.

I don't know, all this new fan dangled technology... I'm definitely behind the times.

Anyway, I've taken 2 photos as a test run.

The first is of the soap I bought at Skipton - saved especially for this experiement.
And the second is of these lovely pink roses - my weekly flower purchase from Lidl.

Yes, I'm pleased with those. I think this little camera will be perfect for my blogging needs.

The other thing I want to test is that for some reason when I type Middleton it changes it to 'town' after posting. I'm going to see what happens to that sentence when I post this.

Hope you've all had a lovely weekend. Number 38 should be all back to normal tomorrow with pictures to accompany the waffle. 



  1. You mean your camera has a micro sd card? They are so small! You can get a converter so you should be able to use the card in the computer without plugging the camera in. And are you pleased? Go take loads of photos and I'll look forward to seeing them when you upload!

    1. Yes! That's it - a micro SD card. I'll have a look into the converter. Mind you, it might be best if it stayed in the camera so it doesn't get lost. I'm really happy with the camera, it's a samsung WB35F if that means anything, but I'm even happier with the price. It cost £70, which compared to the others on show in their £100's was a bargain. xx

  2. ha ha! something else I do..or don't do, read instructions! It's just too much faff. On Thursday when the sewing machine arrived I tossed instructions aside and thought 'oh really, like I can't use a sewing machine', set it up and started sewing, well, between you & me, I very nearly broke the thing. Turned out the thread and bobbin were slightly different to my old one so I really DID need those instructions. Oops!

    That rose is stunning. Gorgeous in every way.

    Looking forward to more photo filled posts!

    Happy Monday x

    1. So glad you didn't break your machine. Those pesky instructions come in useful sometimes don't they. My random thought of yesterday was of you actually! While I was uploading the rose, I was wondering if you liked anything pink or just a particular shade. I'm sat here at the moment thinking what I can do today that will warrant some photographs being taken. xx