Monday, 6 April 2015

Sorting, Clearing and Packing

Is there such a thing as travelling light? Because if there is I've yet to master it. Mind you it'd be a lot easier if we didn't have to remember phones, chargers, Ipad, medication, tickets, dog bowls, dog food, vaccination cards etc. etc. 

My day started with a back rub. No, not me. No time for that sort of malarkey here at Number 38 at the moment. It was for Tom. He's still in pain and still being stubborn about not taking his medication properly. Mark has spoken to the nurse about it and apparently it's quite common for this to happen. She's coming to see him tomorrow though, so maybe she'll be able to talk some sense into him.

Amy has returned home after leading a nomadic life over the weekend. She decided that she couldn't think about packing until she'd tidied her bedroom, which soon turned into a mass clear out for the car boot sale.
Me, Mark and Thomas spent a good hour sorting through lego men this afternoon. When he was younger Thomas would play with these for hours and his favourite game was to swap heads, bodies and legs around. There's some good ones in here actually from Star Wars, Harry Potter and Batman but he's adamant he doesn't want them so they are now in the 'sell' pile. 
I must admit I'm looking forward to our little excursion, we are definitely ready for a break. An added bonus would be nice weather but we'll work with what we're given and it certainly won't make or break the holiday.

And to get me in the holiday mood I treated myself to a little chocolate rabbit. Good job I won't be here to weigh myself on Wednesday. There's been far too many instances of 'just a little nibble' of chocolate Easter eggs that have found their way inside me since yesterday.



  1. Well done to Thomas! We still have our Lego despite the fact that the Take-Apart Kid is now 15. Somehow every now and again he grabs a handful and builds something little.....

  2. I know what you mean. It gets played with in fits and starts here at Number 38. We have that much that I think I'll let him sell half and sneakily keep the other half in the shed for when he has another lego phase. xx