Monday, 13 April 2015

Relatives, Photos and Vera

Thomas had his passport photo taken this morning. Even though we don't intend to go away this year, you never know, and I like to be prepared. We went to a man in the Arndale for these. I just wish he'd been there last time Thomas needed one. We had to go to Tesco as it was the only photo booth in town. The seat was broken and we had to sit him on a pile of magazines and prop him up. It was a nightmare and the photos got rejected twice. The pink cheeks he's sporting on these have progressed into a cough and sore throat as the day's gone on.
My Aunty Jean and Uncle Norman came for a visit this afternoon. They're both in their 80's and I don't see them very often but they've always got a funny tale to tell. Trouble is they both talk to you at the same time, but about different things, which means whoever they're speaking to has to juggle two conversations at once. Jean is my Dad's sister. Ironically she is the oldest sibling but the only one still alive. Her brother died aged 23, her sister aged 48 and my Dad was only 47 when he died. There looks to be plenty of life left in her and her husband yet though. No homemade cake today I'm afriad, but they both have a sweet tooth so these treats went down well.
I made a quick photo collage for Joan when we next visit her. The staff in the home are really nice and will accommodate any personal bits and pieces in the lounge area if they're able to. As she sits in a corner near a shelf we'll be able to put this on there for her to look at.  
I've also finished my second bag. I went for pinks and purples this time. I think the dresses and crochet will be put on hold for a while now while the house gets sorted.
I watched Vera last night and got all excited when I saw them driving over the causeway from Holy Island. There was also a quick shot of St Mary's Lighthouse in the background and a scene of the beach where we stopped to eat our fish and chips in another. I'll be taking a quick trip to the lighthouse and Whitley Bay later on in the week. Come along and see if I made it to the top or not!



  1. Love the crochet, glad the photos went well - it's so difficult to get it right, isn't it? Love the photo collage too. When my mother in law was in residential I made her a little photo book, & labelled each photo with everyone's name & their relationship to her so that other visitors and staff could tak to her about it. Just a thought.
    I often stop by, but seldom comment, although I do love to read your posts, Vee x

    1. Hello again Vee, it's been a while x. The book is a cracking idea. I could definitely do one of those. It would also give us something to pick up and look at with Joan as well. We find conversation difficult to keep going at times. Thanks for the idea. xx

  2. heartily enjoyed your holiday snaps. And your crochet bag is so sweet.

    If you've never been, you should visit St Michael's Mount in Cornwall sometime. I have it down as one my favourite places ever. The castle reminded me of it.

    Thanks for taking the time for sharing your pics.

    Sadie :o)

  3. I'll bear St Michael's Mount in mind. One of our best holidays was in Cornwall when Amy was 5 and I was pregnant with Thomas. I have to say, having had a quick look through your blog it's one of the most relaxing ones I've ever come across. I'll definitely be returning over the next few days. xx

    1. oh, thank you! That's a kind thing to say. I've been meaning to blog for a few days now, but haven't had a chance to.

  4. Glad to hear that you're going to blog again soon. I had a break a while back. It was like playing hooky from school. Thoroughly enjoyed not doing it. But it wasn't long before I need to waffle again lol xx