Wednesday, 22 April 2015


The weight loss page has been updated - without photos!

Just a quick post tonight. 

Mark took me to buy a new camera from PC World and I did find one I wanted, but typically they didn't have it in stock. I do wonder if their stores hold any stock at all these days as the last couple of things we've wanted they've had to order for us.

It wasn't a wasted journey though. The main thing I wanted to do was 'see and feel one in real life'. Anyway, I've ordered it on-line and it could be 5 days before it arrives. 

I can't imagine 5 days worth of posts without any photos to break up the drivel but you know me, I'll give it my best shot!



  1. well I wouldn't call your blog full of drivel, but I know what you mean about photos. I like to have a photo in every blog post. Years ago I'd add loads, but now I only have one per post.

    I agree with you about shops and their stock. They NEVER seem to have what you want in stock these days!

    Enjoy your Thursday x

  2. That's kind of you to say, Sadie. It was certainly quicker to just type the blog rather than taking pictures, uploading them, choosing which to post etc. I do like a photo to brighten up the page though and I love looking back to see what we've done without having to read everything - even though I've written it myself! xx