Sunday, 19 April 2015

In no particular order...

... Sunday at Number 38. 

Blue sky. 

Homemade quiche to have with salad for tea.

Back into the routine of making packed lunches.

First lily has popped open.
 Final part of Thomas' maths homework completed - eventually.
A 'thank you' bottle of wine bought for a friend who validated Amy and Thomas' passports.
A drop of toffee liqueur and candles.
Decisions - Amy is parting company with her dolls house.
Sunday night baths and showers.

Ingredients for cheese straws being made at school this week.



  1. Gotta love a doll's house that comes with Babycham glasses!

  2. Haha. I used to fill each one up with vino to get me through a session of make-believe with Amy. Her idea of playing was giving me instructions while she sat there making sure I did it to her liking. xx