Friday, 3 April 2015

Granny's Spice Cake

I made the fruit cake this morning. It's a recipe I found on line and it's a rubbing in method. Mum used to make a cake like this called 'Granny's Spice Cake' and it could well be the same one.

It's not as deep as it should be as I was supposed to use a 6" tin but only had a 9" one, but it looks OK and smells lovely. Even Mark commented on it when he came through the door. It's for Sunday but whether it will last that long or not remains to be seen.
Easter cards have been written and chocolates have been bought for the 'old ones' in Mark's family. We'll see Aunty Edith tomorrow when she picks Tom up to take him to the home and on Sunday we'll go to see Joan.
I've started to crochet another bag and was also aiming to clear the third and final shelf in airing cupboard which is stuffed full of Amy's Build a Bears and 15 years worth of photographs. But I never made it up there. The bag kept beckoning. Maybe tomorrow. 
Apart from that it's been a pretty uneventful day as is usual on the first day of any school holiday at Number 38. Thomas has been on his Xbox, Amy has been out with friends and me and Mark have been pottering around the house doing our own bits and pieces.


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