Thursday, 30 April 2015

From sweet peas to cannabis

When I planted my sweet peas 10 days ago I watered them, popped a sandwich bag over the pot, (good to use as a propagator), placed them on the windowsill and left them to it. Today the plastic bag came off and here they are, looking strong and healthy. I will probably thin them out and plant them up sometime next week and they'll stay indoors then until the weather becomes warmer.
I picked up 2 bunches of daffodils from Lidl and they're opening up to reveal a lovely orange centre. I think they might be called Jetfire but there are so many types of daffodil I wouldn't like to put money on it.
There was no soup left for lunch today so I made an open sandwich of feta cheese salad. Delicious, even if I do say so myself. 
The district nurse and cancer nurse both came out to see Tom today. His pressure sore is giving him some jip and he's been sitting on a swimming ring to give him some relief. Trouble is it keeps going down, because obviously that's not what it's made for. He can be a stubborn old mule though and it's taken Mark a couple of weeks to persuade him that he needs to order a proper pressure ring. We could easily have gone out and bought one for him but without his say so, he'd have made a point of not using it. Hopefully it will be here in the next couple of days and then he'll be more comfortable. 

Mark was there when the cancer nurse came and Tom asked her about the cannabis oil. I had visions of her saying 'give it a go' and us having to do dodgy dealings on a backstreet corner, but Mark said she managed to get across to him in a very nice way that it wouldn't be a miracle cure for him. Instead she steered him onto the much safer topic of daycare and she's booking him in for a weekly day session at the hospice. He'll get picked up, have his breakfast, be able to talk to other people, join in with whatever activities are on, discuss things with the professionals, have his dinner and be brought home again. I think he'll enjoy it. He likes a bit of TLC and as much as we're there for him, at the end of the day not having his wife with him while he's going through all this must be hard. 



  1. Your lunch looks delish (I think I prefer open sarnies because you can really pile on the toppings) and your seedlings are doing well (I must have a go at growing sweet peas this year). Good to hear Tom will soon be receiving additional services and that we won't be seeing you and Mark in an episode of Crimewatch!

  2. Haha. Can you imagine? Me with a fake moustache doing the deal, (or even a real tash depending on whether I've managed to have my weekly Veet session!), and Mark sat in the getaway car with a monkey mask on. I agree with you about open sarnies - I really enjoy bread and would struggle to cut it out completely, but one slice is plenty. The seed pots are really easy. You get about 20 seeds and I think it only cost me 79p. Go on, have a go :) xx

  3. I love sweet peas, but whenever people say they smell lovely I keep quiet. They always smell like wee to me!

    Your flowers look so pretty. It's weekly shop day today, I will buy fresh flowers today. but then I'm going to The Range afterwards to hopefully buy more orchid plants. I wanted orchids for a while, and bought one in Asda gosh, weeks ago now. It cost £8 and is doing pretty well. But being greedy I wanted more. At the weekend I bought one in The Range, a little bigger than the Asda one, but FOUR QUID. Such a good price. So if they have them in stock still today, I'm buying several to dot around the house. They need practically no looking after and last so well.£4! 4 of your British pounds!

    Your lunch looks so good. I'm inspired, I'm having a big old salad for lunch now.

    Glad Tom is getting extra love and attention. It's tricky all round isn't it.

  4. Haha, it's funny how things smell different to people isn't it. I can't bring to mind anything I don't like the smell of, but some smells evoke lovely memories. Pipe tobacco instantly brings my Grandad back to me.

    Orchids are lovely. For some reason I always think they're hard to look after, although I don't know where I've got that from. £4 is definitely a bargain and as you say it means you can buy a few.

    Tom's situation can certainly be tricky. It's a fine balance between us knowing what he needs to do and sorting it out vs. having to gently steer Tom into the direction he needs to go while making him think he's made the decision himself. It's harder for Mark though. As understanding as he is and as much as he empathises, he's quite a direct bloke who doesn't pussy foot around and likes to get a job done. xx

  5. I love open sandwiches, but only if I can say it in Danish; smorrebrod. Yours looks so good!

  6. It was delicious and I should make them more often. I have to be in the mood for chopping several different things though and I quite often leave eating until I'm ravenous, by which time I just need to cram something into my mouth instead of 'creating' something xx