Saturday, 25 April 2015

For breakfast today Thomas requested a tuna mayonnaise sandwich and a packet of hula hoops. Each to their own I suppose. 

He didn't want to go swimming and told me he'd just wait now until our 'swimming pool' arrived. When he asked for one a few weeks ago, I think I might have fobbed him off with "we'll see", which he's obviously interpreted as "OK, you just need to wait while I order one".

My mission this week is to try and track down a paste board that we can borrow for the car boot next Sunday. I think I've pretty much gone through the house and sorted out what's going and my cupboards and brain feel better for doing it. I can't wait to get rid of it all and anything that doesn't sell will be taken straight to the local charity shop.

My camera has arrived. I just need to get a memory card now. According to PC World tracking service, after ordering it in Oldham, it was sent from Yorkshire to Manchester to town and finally Number 38.

It'll be good to get some photos on here next week.



  1. I'm all for different breakfasts though the other two here are much more conventional. We've only ever done one car boot sale (years ago) and used our paste table. It rained. You can guess the rest......

    1. Oops! We're actually only fair weather car booters lol. Although we're mentally geared to do it next weekend, if it's raining we won't be going. I don't mind unusual food requests, especially from Thomas as he's such a fussy eater. But I could have done without mixing tuna and mayo first thing in the morning. xx

  2. now this has made me laugh!
    Firstly, kids & their interpretations of 'we'll see', which all parents know means 'no'. Recently, Violet had two friends come round to play. All went reasonably well, but one girl was a right pain. She's been through a massively stressful time over the past year, which absolutely everyone takes into account, but know she's going through a bit of a 'see how rude I can be and get away with it' phase. As a result, I can wait a very long time before she's back round again.
    On the way out, all three girls started asking if they could come round again. 'We'll See' said I. 'We'll See' said another mum. But still the girls continued trying to fix up a date for the following week!. (Did not happen!!)

    And breakfast. What is it with kids and odd brekkies? During the week Violet will happily chomp cereal and a pain au chocolat, but at the weekend it's anything goes. Yesterday she wanted prawns in a cocktail sauce and cookie mix.
    She got a bacon sandwich!

    Enjoy your Sunday. x

  3. It's quite mean of us parents really isn't it. We all know 'We'll See' means 'No' but to the kids it obviously means it's only a matter of time before it happens.

    Thomas had a friend round once and although he was really good while he was here his Mum literally had to chase him around the house including upstairs, when she collected him. No kidding it took her about 20 minutes to get him out of the door, I've never seen anything like it. On the way out he asked if he could come again. I didn't have a problem with it, I'd have just made sure I dropped him home myself next time to avoid all that malarkey, but his Mum could hardly look at me in the playground the following day. I think she was so embarrassed. Needless to say no further arrangements were made lol.

    Thomas is a really fussy eater, so the tuna sandwich was OK, although a bit of a random request, maybe not as random as prawn cocktail though which made me laugh out loud. He's just like Violet; coco pops and toast every school day but won't entertain them at weekends. Kids, you gotta love them :) xx

  4. Thomas is just very selective :). No, I know what you nephew ate only chicken nuggets, chips and a small jelly jar glass had to be used for his drinking glass. This was his main diet for almost 6 years. My sister was frantic but the doctors kept saying he wasn't starving, and eventually his diet would mature. and boy did it... he went from only eating nuggets, day after day after day after day to at around 15 or so wanting chinese food, and even tried SUSHI and loved it. As long as he IS eating...that is all that matters.
    Dawn P. aka GADawn57