Thursday, 16 April 2015

Flower Fest

I went out for a meal last night with friends. We met at 5pm and we were still in full flow when the bell rang for last orders. That's a full 6 hours of non stop talking! We used to meet up at the end of every term for a couple of hours, which was fine as we could catch up with bits and bobs most days in the staffroom. But two of the three of us have moved on and the once a term outing for a couple of hours has turned into a full blown session every half term. Great fun!

The weekly shop at Lidl was a bit of a flower fest today. I bought lillies for the dining room table, in the hope that something pretty on there might keep it clutter free. 
And these lovely pink alstroemeria are on the windowsill.
They were also selling Mandevilla but the label didn't have any information on, so I came home and checked them out. They're a climber and bloom all summer and into early autumn so tonight, on the way to Mums, I'm going to call back in and buy one. 
I didn't feel like doing it today, but if the weather is good tomorrow I'm going into the garden to clear out the baskets and tubs and get myself ready for some planting although I always leaving the bedding plants until the end of May.

I have been dosing Thomas up with calpol, lemsip and vapour rub for the past couple of days. His cough has turned into one of those irritating constant dry ones and first thing in the morning and last thing at night he gets a temperature. If ever an advert were true, it's the calpol one where after a spoonful of the stuff the children are bouncing all over the place. It really is a little miracle worker. 

Amy has found a work placement at a local cats home. Her and her friend went down yesterday and had a look around and a little interview before they start in June. I'm really pleased they've got somewhere. The school library option didn't appeal to them and they've both tried really hard to find something and made loads of phone calls to different places. They were particularly taken with the new kittens that needed feeding and I've had to have strict words with her that under no circumstances is she to bring her work home with her! Although having said that, they are pretty cute aren't they.....



  1. ooh, *insert a squeal here* that little kitty is too cute. I'd want to bring work home with me!

    Yes, Calpol is brilliant stuff! We are never without a bottle. Violet had tonsillitis recently so we managed to get through quite a bit.

    you are a lady after my own heart. I buy fresh flowers each week. I have an allocated amount that I always spend. Even if I'm trying to keep the overall cost of weekly shop down, the flowers are still bought. This week I have roses and Alstroemeria. :o)

    Have a gorgeous weekend. x

  2. You can't beat fresh flowers can you? If a room needs an instant lift flowers are always the answer and I always put some in the trolley as well, even if its just a £1 bunch of daffs. Glad to hear Violet is better. I've never had tonsillitis but Thomas has and I really felt for him. xx