Monday, 27 April 2015

Fencing & Focaccia Bread

The fencing job was supposed to start tomorrow. Good job I looked out of the window before I let the dogs out this morning as he'd arrived a day early. I get the impression he's not enjoying doing it, there's lots of digging apparently. What is it with people these days? The only jobs they seem to want are the easy ones. By the way, before anybody feels too sorry for him, he's not waist deep in a hole, he's actually kneeling down.
Amy is making focaccia bread this week. I will admit, I had to look it up to see what it was. It looked yummy so I thought I'd have a go at making it myself, especially as we never eat Amy's offerings from school. The most therapeutic bit about making this is poking your finger through the dough to make little holes for the toppings. 

I used olives, sun-dried tomatoes and sea salt. It was really tasty and went well with the sweet potato and butternut squash soup Mum made this week.
The lights arrived for our 'summer shed'. They look a bit garish to be honest, more Blackpool circus that mid summer nights dream, but they're going up anyway. A little bit of colour in the garden won't go amiss.
The fuchsia bush I bought last Thursday has loads of buds on it. I'm still sore about missing out on the mandevilla though. 
We have 'marked with an X' and our votes are ready to be posted. I'm not overly into politics but I do vote, firstly because I'm thankful I live in a country where I can and secondly because I feel I have a right to moan about things if the party I voted for doesn't get in. I know a few people who have 'protest voted' in past years, but I've never really understood the point of that. Aunty Edith, bless her, votes for either the most handsome one or the one who wears the nicest suit. Actually, after enduring 92 years of UK politics it might not be a bad way of doing things!



  1. that bread looks so good. I'd have scoffed the lot by now.

    What a pretty fuchsia. I saw your reply to my comment, and to answer your Q, I love all shades of pink but my absolute favourite is the palest shades possible. And preferably with a bit of gold. Pink & gold my favourite combination. When I suggested we paint our outside and garage doors pink, the husband said a big fat no, until he realised it wasn't bright Barbie pink I wanted, but a softer, pale, almost grey pink. Made me so happy when he agreed!

    Did you buy your outdoor lights online? If so, would you tell me where if you don't mind. I'm looking to start buying new ones for Christmas after my lights let me down last year.

    I'm with you on voting. It's important. Violet has been coming with me to vote since she was born, I'm hoping it'll mean she will be used to it and do it herself when she's old enough. Voting is done in her school hall :O)

    Must away. lots to do before school pick up time.

  2. I've nearly eaten one loaf already, that's the trouble when I bake, I eat it - might miss the weigh in tomorrow! Amy chose bright pink for her bedroom once - oh my goodness, it made me feel sick every time I walked in the room. It didn't last long but it took 3 coats of a paler pink to cover it. I bought the lights from Amazon. The company is Lights4fun and they cost £20. They do white ones as well, wink wink :) xx

  3. ah, L4F, I know them well, thank you. Let me know how you like them :O)


    1. It'll be a couple of weeks before they get strung up but I'll post a picture as soon as they're up and glowing. xx

  4. Your bread looks wonderful! I would have it all eaten first day. I have never made bread, was it hard to do?

  5. Hi Candace. It was really easy. You should have a go at making it, I bet you'd be really pleased with the result. The recipe is 1lb of strong white/bread flour, 7g yeast, 1 teaspooon of salt, 3 tablespoons olive oil, 10 fl oz warm water. Mix flour, yeast and salt together. Add olive oil and water and start mixing with a spoon, then bring together into a ball with your hands. Lightly flour work surface then knead for 5-10 mins. Cut in half then roll out to about 1/2 inch thick. Cover with a tea towel and leave to rise for 30-45 mins. The best bit then is dipping your finger in warm water and poking holes into it for the fillings. After doing this you can brush with a little more olive oil then put it in oven 230C for 15 mins. xx