Sunday, 12 April 2015

Beer, Beef & Bow & Arrows

At 8.30 this morning I was trying to teach Thomas how to use his bow and arrow that he won in Whitley Bay's amusement arcade. At 8.45am Mark started to help, but not for long! By 9.15am Thomas still hadn't mastered any form of technique, probably because we couldn't stop laughing, himself included, at how hopeless he was, and thankfully he wandered off to do something else. 
I had to do an emergency dash to Tesco this morning for potatoes, carrots and broccoli otherwise it would literally have been a roast beef and yorkshire pudding lunch. Surprisingly, I only paid 49p for each item. Is Tesco going back to its roots I wonder. The swiss roll is for Tom. We don't really bother with pudding but Tom likes a bit of cake and custard and I aim to please.
All the holiday washing is done and dried which is the easy part. It's the next bit that I'm not looking forward to, although I will filter this load down by not ironing towels and PJ's this time.
Amy went up to see how Tom was and took him this bottle of beer from Lindisfarne to have with his Sunday lunch. He's waiting for some slow release morphine to be prescribed but the good news is he's started taking painkillers every 4 hours which seem to be helping. I'm sure if he'd done this from the start the morphine wouldn't be needed yet but as he probably won't take it anyway it doesn't really matter.  
I've started to clear out Thomas' bedroom and Amy has given me a box of things she doesn't want anymore. At the moment it's all being dumped in the shed ready for the car boot. We'll have to do one soon as Mark likes his shed to be cleared and up and running by the end of May. (If I had those little face things on here I'd be posting a 'rolling eyes' one).
We watched Gone Girl last night which we really enjoyed and tonight's treat is an hour with the handsome Mr Poldark whilst sipping a tot of toffee liqueur. There's no holding us back at Number 38 is there?

At some point this week I'll be posting about our visit to the Royal Yacht Britannia. I'll let you know when I intend to set sail so you can hopefully join me.



  1. I know what you mean about the ironing. Good luck with the clearing out. We've taken three big bags of stuff to the charity shop today yet it doesn't look any less cluttered here! Hope Tom enjoyed his special ale.

  2. There was a time when I cleared the house that it felt different. Not sure what's happening lately but no matter how much I get rid of it still feels untidy. xx