Wednesday, 1 April 2015

April Fools' Day

My Wednesday Weight Loss page has been updated again.

April Fools' Day definitely calls for a trick or two on our unsuspecting offspring. We caught Thomas out with a bowl of frozen breakfast cereal and Mark cling-filmed Amy's cup of tea which she fell for hook, line and sinker.
The dalek is now finished and ready to be taken to school tomorrow. It looks pretty good. Thomas stuck on some black and silver 'jewels' which finished it off nicely. 
We're having a big clear out for a car boot sale. Really, we'd be happy to give everything to charity, it's what we usually do, but Thomas wants to make some money. Luckily, there's one that starts at 12 noon not far from us which means we don't have to be up at the crack of dawn to get there. So far, there's cushions, clothes, a handbag and 2 rolls of wallpaper.
And guess what Mark found while having a quick tidy of the wardrobe. My green apple which has been missing in action since last September when the decorator was here.
I bought myself a new pair of boots in Bury. I don't think the weather forecast for our Easter trip quite calls for sandals just yet.

And Mark ordered a tyre for his car which was delivered today. It's a big un that's for sure and makes Cherry look positively dainty. If I put a steering wheel on it I could probably just use this as my mode of transport.
The school concert last night was fantastic. The teachers had obviously put a lot of effort in and the children put on a brilliant show. I was surprised at how talented some of the children are. There was a unicycle rider, plate spinners, jugglers, gymnasts, dancing and some lovely singing. It certainly deserved its 'Ooh La La' title. 



  1. Boots are still being worn here - we had snow earlier in the week. Love the dalek. Woah, the size of that tyre! What does Mark drive? A tractor?

  2. It's been very cold and wintry here but no snow. Mark drives a big white car which I've been told is officially known as a BMW 7 series, if that means anything to you. It means nothing to me as I really don't know one car make from another. xx