Saturday, 4 April 2015

Adoption and Films

I think I might have unknowingly adopted a child. Amy's friend stays over quite regularly and to be fair Amy stays at hers the same amount of time. But I think said friend might be slowly moving in. Last night she turned up with her popcorn maker, Thursday night with a bag of fruit to make smoothies and quite often she can be found in the kitchen baking cakes while Amy washes up for her. It's all good fun though, she's a lovely girl and the two of them get on really well.
Thomas wanted a den built in his bedroom, so I pinned 2 duvet covers to each side of the wall. Small bedrooms make den building really easy and it only took me 5 minutes. A picnic rug for the door and it was done. He then spent an hour setting it up with supplies, weapons and maps. I've said he can leave it up for the holidays so he can dip in and out of 'playing army' whenever he feels like it. This was him demonstrating his war cry and going to battle with his foam axe.
As I thought, the cake hasn't lasted. Which is fine. We wouldn't have eaten a full one tomorrow anyway. And my philosophy on food is once it's gone it's gone.
I'm off to choose a film now to watch tonight. That'll take about an hour and it's only me and Mark that have to decide. Amy is out tonight and Thomas wants to play in his den and on his xbox. We both have very different tastes. Mark could watch zombies all night and nothing makes me happier than crying my way through a box of tissues! The only ones we agree on straight away are British Films. We both love them. We'll eventually find something that we both like but it can take a while, so the earlier we start looking the better. 


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