Wednesday, 29 April 2015

A Job Well Done - Maybe Not!

Weight loss page updated - feeling happy :)

Today I have bought new shoes. Three pairs to be exact. They are only intended to get me through the summer months and are a cheap and cheerful ballet style from Shoe Zone. Total cost for all 3 pairs - £17. If Joan saw them on the table she'd have my guts for garters, although in my defence I'd never heard that putting new shoes on a table is supposed to be bad luck until I met Mark.
I also bought my usual 3 for £5 books which only cost me £2.65 as I had money on my loyalty card.
And I've gone all retro and bought some wagon wheels that I suddenly had a hankering for. Useless fact of the day coming up: Wagon Wheels were first launched in 1948 when wild west movies were popular. You can't beat a bit of John Wayne and cowboys and Indians can you.
The fencing job is done. The next door neighbours recommended the guy as he's done some work for them before. They must be more easy going than we are where DIY is concerned because it's not the best job we've ever had done and Mark went out a few times to get him to re-do certain things. I know he's been moaning to the neighbours about that, but if we're paying half I don't think it's too much to ask that the concrete post doesn't wobble. Mind you, the job was finished Monday and he's not knocked on for any money yet. Maybe it's because we didn't get what we asked for. Can you see the fencing at the back of the neighbour's garden? We pointed to that and said "we want that". 

Anyway, short concrete posts really are a first world problem. The plus side is the fence is better than it was and it's certainly not worth falling out over but I'm really glad we don't have any other jobs that require outside input



  1. my mum has always said new shoes on the table is bad luck. I still won't put them on a table to this day, no idea why, it's probably all twaddle but I don't like to tempt fate.

    I'm a ballet flat girl in the summer too, and I love shoe zone for them. And Primark. I won't spend much on ballet flats, though I do own a rather lovely pair by Bloch. A mother's day gift a few years ago.

    Ah, The Works and their bargain novels! Superb. I don't buy many these days, but when I want to stock up on Debbie Macomber books, that's where I look first.

    Your fence looks nice, even with the short posts! At least it's all done now. :O)

    Sometimes only a Wagon wheel will do. Recently I bought some Tunnock's caramel wafers. My dad used to have them in his packed lunch back in the day, so they're a real blast from the past for me.

    Better start my day. Thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog lately. Much appreciated. I've scheduled posts up until the end of the week, then I'm going to take a little break for a while. Need to concentrate on a few projects around the house without distraction. But I'll still be popping by here :O)

  2. We used to have Tunnock's caramel wafers in our packed lunches when we were little and I don't think you can' beat a Tunnock's teacake.

    Mmmm, the fence. What can I say. I'm trying not to look at it through the kitchen window or when I go into the garden lol.

    Blogging can take up quite a bit of time and I don't blame you for taking a break in order to do your jobs. For me, I use it as an incentive to get jobs done - 'I'll do the ironing then I'll blog a little or I'll change the bedding then I can sit down and blog for a bit'. Glad to hear you will still be dropping by, I look forward to 'hearing' from you. xx

  3. Wagon Wheels will forever be associated with my brother who didn't eat any other biscuit (in those days they were the size of plates!). Shame you didn't get quite the garden outcome you wanted but hey, you have a new fence.

    1. Yes, everything was bigger back in the day, wasn't it, especially another of my favourites, the ever diminishing creme egg. The tragedy in Nepal this week and reading your post put the fencing problem into perspective. No, it's not perfect, but nor is it a matter of life or death. Unless of course, one of the concrete posts falls on top of us. xx

  4. OMG! My mother/grandmother would be turning in their graves if they saw your new shoes on the table!!!! Bad, bad luck. Of course, this has carried over to me and I don't allow any new shoes on the table!! I have to say they are really cute shoes though! lol

  5. Oh dear Janice, I can see I'm going to be outnumbered here lol. Honestly, I had never heard of this before meeting my mother-in-law and thought it might just be a 'Joan-ism', but I can see I'm wrong. I know all about ladders, cats, umbrellas, numbers but new shoes on the table, no. Good job I'm not superstitious or maybe all those new shoes on the table in the past are why I've ended up like I am! xx

  6. Blood Brothers; go google "Shoes are on the Table Blood Brothers". It's bad luck (supposed to be!) but then I think we get the luck we expect to have!

  7. I have googled and the Blood Brothers show looks really good - shame it's not on any longer, I would have liked to have seen it. I have discovered there are loads of superstitions about shoes but I refuse to become superstitious and just for devilment might go and put a pair on the table hee hee. I think to an extent we can create our own luck, but I have to say I certainly didn't expect the bad luck of a heart attack. xx