Tuesday, 14 April 2015

A bit of Spring cleaning

It's been beautiful here at Number 38 today. We've had the patio doors open and various 'good weather' sounds have been drifting in; birds singing, dogs barking, neighbours radios and somebody strimming their lawn (a little bit annoying after a couple of hours if I'm honest).

We desperately need new posts for our fencing this year. They are literally crumbling away and need replacing pronto. We've mentioned it to the neighbours and they're more than happy to share the cost. 
The weather inspired me to spring clean what has now become known as the 'Xbox room'. It's only really used by Thomas and has become his boy cave.

He wanted a new game so was happy to go through all his old ones to trade them in at GAME. They rejected 5 because of scratches but he got £20 for the rest. The scratched ones do work so they'll go on the car boot for £1 each.
I cleared all the shelves and did a mind numbingly boring job of testing all the felt tips to see if they were working. I also bundled up this lot of match attacks cards into 10's ready for the car boot.
Off came the sofa cushions and underneath got a good hovering. Mother will be mortified when she sees this and even more so that I've posted it for the world to see. It looks as though we live like slobs but we honestly don't. This is the result of lots of chomping of goodies during the Easter Hols and a terrible habit of stuffing wrappers down the sofa.
So as not to interrupt my flow Mark brought me in a small fish and peas for lunch. Lord knows what those scales are going to read tomorrow.
By 3pm I'd pretty much run out of steam, but the room was mostly cleared anyway. It's surprising where stuff comes from isn't it. I do find ironing boards handy. I'm afraid the peg dollies have gone. Their heads were causing me sleepless nights so I've eliminated the problem totally and lobbed them out. Life is too short to be worrying about wooden heads.

I had a cup of tea outside whilst thinking through the garden for this year. The biggest and messiest job will be the fencing posts, followed by a lick of paint on the shed, a wood stain on the decking and planting some bedding plants in the tubs and hanging baskets. I already have a little bit of colour and there is finally some sign of life on the trees. It really is a lovely time of year isn't it.
Forget slugs and snails this year. This little madam doesn't seem to have got rid of her bad habit of eating my flowers. I was sat on the decking and she came right over and started having a good old munch on this plant.
There'll be no spring cleaning tomorrow though. I'm setting sail on the Royal Yacht Britannia so be sure to come on board with me for a gentle bob on the sea.


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