Sunday, 22 March 2015

Weight and Middle Age

For those of you who are interested, I have updated my weight loss page as I'm on yet another diet. Do have a look, I'm sure it will be good for a giggle over the coming weeks. I could put my weight down to middle age spread but it seems a bit of a cop out. So, I'm giving this dieting lark another go.

Mark took Amy to Manchester Fort this morning. He wanted a look around and she wanted to do some shopping. I stayed home to cook lunch, by far the easier option. The shopping expedition went better than last time and she came home with 2 pairs of leggings and some make-up. The 2 questions she used to ask me every morning were, "Does my hair look OK?" and "Is my skirt too short?" She's now added "Does my face look orange"?       
I took Tom his Sunday lunch and rubbed the gel into his back and shoulders again. He's always been a tall and fairly broad man but it's obvious now that he's losing weight even though his appetite is still good. Then we went to see Joan, who in all honesty, looks better than all of us put together. Obviously, the planet 'not a care in the world' is the best place to be. 

We popped into the garden centre on the way back for a cup of tea and a look around and Mark bought me this bleeding heart plant for the garden.
We have found ourselves another guilty secret to enjoy together in the form of Marco Polo and, (I am rather bemused by this), Mark is very much enjoying Poldark. 

Mind you, he bought a tweed type jacket this week, so I think he's decided to stop fighting the inevitable and slide into middle age gracefully. About time too. 



  1. Ah, tweed jacket one week, pipe and slippers the next. Happens to us all. Figuratively speaking, of course!

  2. It does indeed. Personally, I'm embracing the onset of middle age. My big wobbly was when I hit 40. I could have easily fallen into a deep decline and taken to my bed permanently. xx