Thursday, 5 March 2015

The girls are in trouble

Amy and Wendy were in trouble last night. Wendy because she chewed Amy's glasses and Amy because she left them where Wendy could get them. We are constantly telling her to close her bedroom door or move things off her bed if she comes out of the room. But does she listen. No. And this is the result.

Her saving grace is she's recently said her glasses don't seem strong enough and she was due an eye test in April so we've just brought it forward to next week. If it happens again though, she'll be getting a Jack Duckworth plaster and a 'make do and mend' lecture.

Here's Greg, sorry Thomas, ready for World Book Day. I thought he might have had something to say about the long socks but he seemed to like them. There were lots of Princesses and Dorothy's with red shoes in the playground this morning. Very cute.
Blue was the colour of the dress today. Tomorrow I am coming out of my comfort zone and trying a little bit of two-toning and a kangaroo pocket design.
It's Lidl day so I have roses on the windowsill and tulips in a jug.
I'll probably have to move them from here before long because of this little madam, who hasn't quite yet mastered the meaning of the word NO. 
We've eaten tea, cleared away, completed Thomas' homework and we are now off to see Mum. Is it really Friday again tomorrow?


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