Wednesday, 11 March 2015

That'll be.....

£121.95 please - I took Amy for her eye test and new glasses. Last year she was happy to be steered into the 'these won't cost you anything as she's under 16' section. This year I wasn't so lucky.

£32.55 please - Sparky went back for his second lot of injections and I bought flea drops and worming tablets for Wendy.

£2.65 please - Thomas wanted a 'proper' tie for school instead of one on elastic. To be fair the one he has doesn't fit at the neck and he can look a bit sloppy at times. We've now got to practise tying it.

£?? - No word on the laptop as yet. Just hoping he doesn't ring and tell us it's beyond repair. Either way, repair or replace it's going to cost.

The big debate between me and Mark at the moment is what should we sell to cover all this; one of my kidneys or one of his watches. Unsurprisingly, he's making a strong case for holding onto the watch and donating my kidney to the cause.



  1. Funny how it always happens together. Shame it isn't carol singing season.

  2. It's been an expensive week that's for sure. I'd certainly need a big begging bowl to cover all of it. xx