Saturday, 14 March 2015

Swimming & Afternoon Tea

Thomas has finished swimming lessons at school, they must only go for 6 months. He loves swimming though so I've taken the plunge, pardon the pun, and promised him I'll take him every Saturday morning. I hate swimming so it's a big promise. Well, I don't hate swimming, I just hate getting undressed and dressed. Anyway, this morning we got our lazy bums out of our PJ's and went to the leisure centre. It's a lot easier than I remember. There's no armbands to blow up, he doesn't need goggles any more and he can go in his own cubicle to get changed. 

Mark didn't want to come but he did make me a boiled egg and soldiers to send me on my way. As lovely as it was, if he thinks that's getting him off the hook every week he's in for a shock.

We took Mum for afternoon tea today for Mothers Day. We did it a day early because we never go out on Mothers Day, it's just too busy and Mum's very easy going about such things. Amy was out with her friends again so Thomas had to come as well. He was quite happy playing tic-tac-toe with Grandma while waiting for his chocolate brownie.

Which, along with his DS, kept him quiet while we enjoyed our afternoon tea. We had a selection of sandwiches, a scone with jam and clotted cream, a mini Victoria sponge, a fruit pastry and a glass of blackcurrant jelly.

The jelly caused much frivolity and also Mum to choke while laughing. It came in a long glass with a small spoon, which I though was silver, but turned out to be plastic. We couldn't get much on the spoon to start with but by the time we'd got it to our mouths there was hardly any left. And as we got nearer the bottom it was a case of angling the glass and holding the spoon with our fingertips to get at it. It reminded us of playing pretend tea parties with Amy when she was little.
It was very nice though and we spent nearly 2 hours there. Mark said he felt 'sugar drunk' when he stood up, but I think that was more to do with the 3 sugars in each of the 3 cups of tea he had than the dainty cakes.

Tomorrow we'll go to see Joan. We've spread ourselves over 2 days as I get fed up of rushing to fit everything in. I want to enjoy what we're doing with the person we're doing it with instead of constantly clock watching and thinking about who's next on the list. 

I have to remember that Amy and Thomas will also have surprises planned for me so I need to be here to enjoy those as well. 


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