Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Postage Prices

My weight loss page has been updated if you want to take a peek. 

More dresses ready for sewing. I took some to the post office today. The last 2 parcels cost £2.80 each to send. Today they said is would be £12.60! When I queried the difference it was because the weight had gone over 2 kilos by 120 grammes. I couldn't believe the £10 price hike for the slight difference in weight. Anyway, I brought the parcel home and I shall re-pack it. I could send 4 parcels for the price of that one. 

New books to read. Another 3 for £5 deal from The Works. These will take me on a journey with a couple desperate to adopt, losing a child and breast cancer. Reading the blurb on each one separately in the shop they didn't sound too bad. Now I'm not so sure. Maybe I should lighten up my reading choices or start to bulk buy my tissues.
Silver paint for Thomas' Easter egg decorating competition at school. We're going to do a darlek this year. We might even add a head teacher, (he has a great sense of humour), for the darlek to eggsterminate!
Fruit bowl replenished. I left some biscuits out for Amy and her friends last night but they ate their way through the entire contents of the bowl of fruit instead. 
Some bias binding to add a little bit of colour to the older girls dresses. At 35p a metre it certainly beats my Ebay buy of £2.50 per metre. 
Tickets for Thomas' spring show. As usual where school performances are concerned they are like gold dust and two per family are allocated. The head teacher might have a sense of humour but he can also be very strict where adults, concerts and tickets are concerned. 


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